Cycling: Eros Piras has it easy at Donori Granfondo

Good luck to everyone home Eros Piras. Standard Bearer Bicycle Team Donori On Sunday, the 7th Gran Fondo proloko Donori took place, an off-road race organized by the Donori Bike Team, in which more than 200 runners took part.

It was a carefree race for the winner. Piras covered 42 km in 1 hour 52 minutes 19 minutes, behind second-place Luca Dessi of Karel Sport (1 hour 56 minutes 38 minutes). The third step of the podium was taken by Marco Serpi (Arkitano-Carbon H) in 1 hour 57 minutes 2002. In the shorter race of 19 km, success went to Roberto Porc of GS Pedale Siniscolese. Among women, Beatrice Mistretta (Bottecchia Factory Team – W3) holds the absolute record. Mention also the competition between 2nd year beginners, the success of Daniele Podda (Nurri-Orroli MTB). Finally, in the youth women’s field, Sara Murgia (Cyclub Sarroch – Alliev) and Alice Porcu (GS Pedale Siniscolese – Esordienti) won. The rest of the winners. M1: Antonio Marongiu (Sardinian Cycling School). M2: Eros Piras. M3: Maurizio Olla (Karel Sport). M4: Paolo Carta (Arquitano MTB). M5: Ignazio Boy (Cagliari), M6: Federico Lecca (Karel Sport). M7: Renato Pani (Cagliari). M8: Giulio Caboni (Pul. Sar.). EL: Federico Pero (Cagliari). ELMT: Marco Serpi (Arquitano Mountain Bike Club). Yu: Gabriele Carboni (Dueppi Bicycle Project).


A convincing victory also belongs to Paolo Murroni in the 14th stage of the Santa Croce Cup, the Beppe Meloni Memorial middle distance race organized by Amatori Oristano. On a hilly route of about 90 km, only about thirty athletes made it to the finish line due to several falls and a few punctures. The winner, Masbike Team NLS Gruppo Melis, pulled away from the crowd with about 12 kilometers to go, finishing the competition alone at an average speed of almost 39 km/h with a time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 5 minutes. Second place, a few seconds behind, was taken by Emiliano Murtas (Donori Bike Team), ahead of a group of pursuers consisting of Alessio Fois (third, Crazy Wheels Santa Giusta team), Antonello Praolini, Roberto Murgia. Filippo Maccioni, Giuseppe Lampis, Marco Cristini, Umberto Parente, Paolo Piras, Mauro Valente, Giacomo Orru, Fabrizio Farchi, Mauro Chessa and Alessandro Ferrero. Among the women, the victory went to Ariana Perdiski, ahead of Samuela Cappon. Finally, great success and participation in Sarrock. Here Sunday was dedicated to the youngest, as part of the Regional Meeting Championship, organized by the local cycling club. We rode along a track built inside the municipal cycling track, with tests for every taste and category. Success for the home club, which with a total score of 151 points finished on the first step of the podium, ahead of Terranova Fancello Cicli (57) and Alghero Bike (46). A busy day of pedaling was attended by 13 companies from all over the island.


SARDINANS BEYOND TYRRHENIA. The performances of young Sardinians participating in national competitions continue to be remarkable. At the Italian MTB Cup, held at the Arena del Ciocco in Tuscany, Enrico Balliana (Arkitano MTB) took the prestigious 2nd place among 1st year students. However, Martina Canardiu took fifth place in the same women’s category.

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