Cynthia Klitbo defends Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto’s relationship: “Nobody steals your husband”


The star of “El Dragón” spoke about the controversy facing Irina Baeva, whom she considers her daughter

Since the romantic relationship between the actors Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto became known, a war of declarations arose between them and Geraldine Bazán, who at that time was the 45-year-old actor’s wife. However, although several months have passed since the romance began, it continues to give something to talk about and this time Cynthia Klitbo shared her opinion on behalf of the affection she has for the actress of Russian origin.

It was during a meeting with various media outside Televisa San Ángel, where the star of ‘El Dragón’ gave his version of the controversy faced by one of the figures who has monopolized the spotlight in recent months, Irina Baerva, assuring that nobody steals anything from anybody.

“ I love Irina Baeva, she is my daughter. I like his relationship with Gabriel Soto and she is not something you exchange, nobody steals anything from him. What is yours does not go away, when it is no longer yours it goes away and no way, “said Klitbo.


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In addition, she highlighted Soto’s work as a father since she is always aware of his daughters and asked not to judge Irina, since their courtship was a decision that they both made:

“ She doesn’t stop being a dad. It is their relationship, but I love Irina, and also you cannot judge a 25-year-old girl with a forty-something man and she is the bad one, “said journalist Eden Dorantes before the cameras.

She also confessed that she went through a similar situation, however over time she understood that a couple does not steal it from anyone, they simply leave when love ends.

“ Marriages are not destroyed, gentlemen, nobody steals your husband. Girls do not get into that plan, the husband is the little boy and she leaves when there is no love, or the wife, whoever, but humans are not something that is exchanged like chips and you steal them, you have to understand it, It was difficult for me, but I understood it, “he said.

Before concluding, the actress also spoke about the plight of Ninel Conde, who said she has always been a good mother who has worked for her children:

“ I don’t think Ninel is a bad mother, because she has worked and everything she has done has been due to the force that her children have given her and the fact that you forbid them to see their mother or father is not a father. Ninel must be suffering a lot, “he added.

And she sent her a message: ” Friend I send you many kisses all my heart and I hope things will be resolved because finally the child is the one who resents and I hope they will reach an agreement “.