Cynthia Klitbo fears for her life after emergency surgery News from Mexico

mexico city. – Cynthia Criber News of her hospitalization sparked panic among her followers emergency surgery After abdominal pain.

According to the artist, her work assignments forced her to cancel plans to see a doctor, so the inconvenience sent her to the hospital.

I was terrified and I saw her go by because I wasn’t doing my best at first and my daughter wasn’t ready to leave her mother, so you know, I was very terrified and of course I became terrified”

said the artist.

now is not the time for you to go

Likewise, the actress 56 years old He said that now is not the time for him to leave this world. “I still have a lot of dreams to achieve, first of all, to see my daughter succeed, and if she wants to be a mother one day, to meet a grandson,” he said.

It was his deep affection for his daughter that prevented him from talking to the young woman about the discomfort she was suffering beforehand, so he decided to do so before leaving the operating room.

“She found out when I was done with all my treatment and I told her about the hospital and I wouldn’t say anything to my daughter until I knew everything was fine. I wouldn’t scare a 17-year-old girl,” he explained.

about disease

about your condition, cynthia He recalls: “I got really serious, I started for about three months, had a loose stomach for four days, then no, then yes, they did the analysis on Thursday (…) I also Suffering from gastroenteritis and thanks to my visit to the hospital (…) they found 10 polyps in my stomach so they removed them and sent them for a biopsy to see what happens (…) I’m getting Waiting for results”.

Finally, the famous actress admitted that despite the fear she experienced, she was not willing to sacrifice some of her joy to avoid the disease. “I can’t give up so many things, I can’t give up sugar, sex, tobacco… In other words, I still have life.” Kritbo said with a smile.

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