Cynthia Klitbo Lashes Out at Jesús Ochoa

Cynthia Klitbo

The actress makes strong accusations against the leader of ANDA but does not present evidence.

Cynthia Klitbo called Jesús Ochoa “nefarious” and accused him of fraud by not paying pensions to retired actors, and not covering the expenses of the Casa del Actor, where these elderly people live.

“The actors of the Actor’s House do not receive their pension physically, because it is assumed that that is why the Actor’s House is supported, that is, if they are not giving their pension or money to the Actor’s House, there is a fraud, ”Cynthia stated.

The actress, very upset by the situation that all those homeless people live in, directly accused Jesús Ochoa, who heads the union of the National Association of Actors: “He has taken money from the actors’ retirement fund. The truth is that Mr. Jesús Ochoa seems disastrous to me, I said it from the beginning, he has the weakest abandoned. I hate him with jarocho hatred ”.

Klitbo also attacked the Secretary of Labor Luisa María Alcalde, assuring that the official does nothing about it because her father Arturo Alcalde has a conflict of interest within the union.

ANDA has already responded to the accusations through its social networks:


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