Cyril Hanouna humiliated by his son, Lino!


The TV host explained, on Twitter, how his 8-year-old son, Lino, had hurt him this weekend …

“Thank you for this beautiful week my beauties of love! Within addition a season record Monday!”, wrote Cyril Hanouna this weekend on Twitter, very grateful to his audience and proud. 

And as he likes to share everything with his community, Baba, as his 5.9 million fanzouzes on the famous social network call him, also unveiled his program for his two days off taking care of his children! 

“We’re having a little fifa match with Lino! In your opinion, who has Bayern and who has Liverpool? Answer in 10 minutes, I tell you!”, he said. And to continue: ” Well, I admit, Lino had Liverpool suddenly I lost! And he is 8 years old!”

Cyril Hanouna, currently at war with Camille Combal, is the happy dad of Lino and Bianca. And if he has always been discreet on this subject, in recent months, the star of C8 has made the decision to involve his son more and more in his professional life. The adorable boy has landed in TPMP many times. 

TPMP will return of course this Monday on the channel of the Canal + group with new decoding of the news, new revelations, and new giggles on the set.