D-Style dream glasses for a freer and brighter summer

Article by journalist-publicist Ilaria Solazzo.

Last night I had a strange dream: I was at Michael Jackson’s villa, and on his desk were special glasses with a note next to them: “Whoever wears them will be able to see my dreams and the dreams of others.”

When I woke up, I thought about this strange dream and the fact that the unforgettable world-class star wore thousands of sunglasses in her sadly short career. Wish I had time for something from the creative genius of D-Style, designed and built by brand creator Domenico Auriemma. To see – maybe – the world from one point of view to another, to look at things from a different point of view and to discover things that you could not see before. The right accessory can really make a difference. To become more self-aware and self-confident, I recommend everyone to buy and wear “Made in Italy” clothes this hot Italian summer. Like Michael Jackson, Master Auriemma’s professional history teaches us that you can never stop dreaming and indulging your abilities and deepest desires. It is a “non-accessory accessory” that is no longer possible to do without day or night, so much so that we see them being worn more and more even after sunset. For many, he even became an object capable of defining their own personality; as in the case of Anglo-American journalist and fashion pundit Anna Wintour, who, she admitted in an interview with CNN, demands wearing them in all possible situations so that people do not understand what she is thinking, but also to hide tiredness and weariness. Madonna, for example – in order to always stay among the stars – loves to walk, exploring new places to discover, perhaps without interruptions from the paparazzi or annoying fans: this is why glasses are a mainstay, although they are not always enough for disguise.

VIPs love to show off their sunglasses, especially in front of paparazzi outbursts. The most famous actors and athletes in the world always love to dress in fashion and wear only stylish accessories, leaving nothing to chance. And their sunglasses are always at the forefront, especially when used in certain contexts such as music videos, fashion shows, or runways. D-Style glasses are also highly acclaimed by Hollywood celebrities and the Stars and Stripes elite. Many movie stars such as Johnny Depp, René Zellweger, Daniel Day Lewis and Brad Pitt have worn and still wear glasses from this brand. Designed for both men and women, D-Style eyewear collections are a unique accessory that allows you to look enviable and always fashionable.

In just a few years, this brand has become one of the most prestigious fashion eyewear in the world. A black acetate frame with personalized blue or other colored lenses was created for effective UV protection. These are glasses that are especially good for those who like to combine elegance and speed in every occasion.

D-Style glasses are relevant and never go out of style. There are many models that are inspired by past trends but look to the future in a new way.

In each D-Style glasses, each of us can find the atmosphere of Hollywood and, in turn, feel like a VIP. This is because by wearing a pair of trendy sunglasses designed by Domenico Auriemma, you get the perfect combination of the craftsmanship and heritage of our country with the tradition and luxury of eyewear produced by this “special” brand. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not on a yacht in Monte Carlo or on the red carpet at the disposal of thousands of flashes: let’s not forget that style always matters.

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