Daddy Yankee, Camila Cabello and Nacho

We started September full of music, this time with mixtures of melancholy and a lot of rhythm. And, sometimes, it is nice and interesting to remember that love that made us feel special for the first time. Mau & Ricky and Maria Becerra they know exactly how that is and they captured it in the best way in Bad used. Abraham Mateo shows us how difficult it is to get a past relationship out of the mind with We repeated, while Nicki Nicole & Mora they make us romantic with Toa Life.

This week Daddy yankee reminds us of the times of the beginning of the millennium with Put the perreo. Natalia Lafourcade tells us Why Suffer, this time acoustically; and Camila Cabello makes us believe in magic with Million to one, the soundtrack of the new version live from Cinderella.

Nacho – The Good Remix

Nacho has joined forces to offer one of the most attractive collaborations of the year with the remix of The correct. Yandel, Zion and Justin quiles join their voices in this consolidated success that offers more urban rhythms without losing the tropical-pop essence of the original song. A love song with a happy ending! Have you heard it yet?

Mau & Ricky, Maria Becerra – Bad used

With this new song, Mau and Ricky invite us to remember those first loves in those casual dating places like a skate park or basketball courts where the feelings of starting to fall in love arise for the first time. Maria Becerra adds to this theme with which you surely remember how you felt butterflies for the first time for that special someone.

Daddy Yankee – Put the perreo

Daddy Yankee returns to show why he is the king of reggaeton. With this theme you will surely get the melancholy of the beginning of the millennium, but in a fun way that will make you dance. The video is also full of colors and a lot of energy that will make you feel good in a couple of seconds.


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