Daisy Ridley’s new cinematic thriller is featured in the Swamp King’s Daughter trailer.


  • Star Wars star Daisy Ridley is taking on a new role in The Swamp King’s Daughter, and her troubled personality is very different from Rey’s.
  • In the film, Ridley’s character runs into his notorious delinquent father Jacob, played by Secret Invasion actor Ben Mendelsohn, after he escapes from prison.
  • The trailer for The Swamp King’s Daughter hints that the film will have tension, horror, and potentially violent confrontation. The expected release date is October 6th.

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley clashes with Marvel actor Ben Mendelsohn in the first trailer for The Swamp King’s Daughter. The Swamp King’s Daughter, directed by Neil Berger of Limitless, Divergent and Voyagers fame, is a psychological thriller about the daughter of a notorious criminal who has to face his past as he escapes from prison. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Karen Dionne.

Now, Lionsgate has released the first trailer for The Swamp King’s Daughter, promising a tense atmosphere and intimidating confrontation. Watch the trailer below:

Ridley plays Helena in the film and takes on an American accent, while Mendelsohn, who previously played the villain in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Stories” plays her abusive father Jacob.

What the trailer for “The Swamp King’s Daughter” tells about the film

After saying goodbye to Rey (for now) in the divisive Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Rise”, “The Bog King’s Daughter” seems like a pretty big change for Ridley in terms of character and tone. In addition to the American accent, Ridley plays the daughter’s mother in a story with very dark themes. The trailer reveals that Helena’s mother was held captive by the infamous criminal known as the Swamp King for 12 years and gave birth to Helena during that time.

The fact that Ridley’s character also has a daughter can be used to address mature themes of generational trauma. Although the main confrontation is between Elena and Jacob, it seems that Elena’s daughter becomes involved in the conflict when Jacob makes contact with them. The trailer suggests that much of the film will be filled with suspense and horror as Helena deals with aspects of her past, but that tension will eventually escalate into violence as Helena holds a shotgun to fight for her justice.

In addition to Ridley and Mendelssohn, Garrett Hedlund plays Helena’s husband Stephen in The Bog King’s Daughter. Other cast members include Yellowstone’s Gil Birmingham, Brooklyn Prince, Karen Pistorius, and Joey Carson. The Swamp King’s Daughter hits theaters on October 6, and the battle between Elena and Jacob is likely to have a bloody epilogue.

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