Dakota Johnson in the front row at the concert of her beloved Chris Martin Coldplay.

She could not miss Dakota Johnson as an enthusiastic spectator, as well as a friend at the Coldplay concert in Naples. The triumph of an enthusiastic audience and friends ready to cheer.

It was crowded as never before, not only with tens of thousands of passionate spectators, ready to feel the atmosphere of one of the most anticipated concerts of the year, but also in Naples to see Coldplayin frame Stadium San Paolo is now Diego Armando Maradonacouldn’t miss Dakota Johnson. Partner years Chris Martinfrontman of the British band, the actress was in the front row with loving eyes and seductive surroundings.

The presence certainly didn’t escape Coldplay fans, who took notice and applauded her. They also strolled along the city’s waterfront with Moses, Martin’s son by his “historical” partner, always an actress, Gwyneth Paltrow., who in those hours was on a farm in the hills of our beautiful country. One of the few public outings together, albeit indirectly, for a couple who love the privacy of their home on California’s Malibu Beach, a few miles from Los Angeles and the heart of the entertainment industry of which they are both pillars.

The concert went very well hit the headlines with Martin’s cover of Pino Daniele’s Napul’è.and also for compliments, given the football scenario, to the “Italian Champions Team”.

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