Dakota Johnson’s father went to see his daughter’s movie premiere and was thrown out

“The other night I went with my wife Kelly to the premiere of the Dakota movie. I had to arrive half an hour early for a Covid test. So I went, they did it to me and they told me: ‘Come into the room and sit down,’ he began by telling him Don Johnson to the driver Andy Cohen the Miami Division actor in an interview.

And he continued with his story: “So we went in. We had our popcorn and we began to talk with the people who were close to us. Suddenly a guy comes up to me and says, ‘Mr. Johnson, can you come out? I have to talk with you'”.

Surprised and uncomfortable, the actor refused. “Whatever you have to tell me, tell me here,” Johnson replied. But there was no case. That man, very nervous, moved even closer and, leaning over the actor, whispered: “It tested positive.”

“I replied that it was impossible, but he insisted, so he asked me to leave the room again,” he recalled. “I went out and he was talking to Kelly. Immediately, I asked my assistant to call for another test, “he continued. “Of course, it was a false positive, but due to the time that passed, it was too late to enter the room and I was unable to see the movie“, She complained. And he concluded: “I am dying to see it, but I am happy to be free of Covid.”

Dakota Johnson is the daughter of the actor and Melanie Griffith, who was his partner in 1976 and from 1989 to 1996. The film that her father has not yet seen is The Lost Girl, the first feature film directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. There, her daughter shares a cast with Olivia Colman, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The film, based on the novel by Italian writer Elena Ferrante, focuses on the experiences of a woman who – on vacation at the beach – is forced to confront the problems of her past.

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