Dallas Cowboys: Fan’s emotion nearly led to tragedy

The long-awaited debut dallas cowboys As a local, in the 2023 season National Football Leagueand as evidence of how much fans want to see their team, look no further than the impressive stampede at the stadium gates AT&T Stadium Enter before duel new york jets.

A video shared by a writer for The Athletic showed frantic scenes at the entrance to the building, with fans running with great enthusiasm to reach their seats. During the entry, several people slipped or tripped while running and ended up falling to the ground.

Lone Star’s home debut, fans don’t want to miss a thing


hallucinations at their peak

The craziness Arlington experienced stemmed from the Lone Star’s impressive debut in Week 1 of the 2023 season, where they surpassed new york giants The humiliating score of 40-0 was mainly due to the excellent offensive performance.

This second day, cowboy yes host new york jetsin a duel that would have been worthy of prime time, but since Aaron Rodgers He ruptured his Achilles tendon in his left leg, which ultimately increased the likelihood that he would consider beating another team in New York again.

Excellent performance from locals as they win 30-10 Dak Prescottt, he completed 31 passes for 255 yards and 2 touchdowns on 38 attempts, Siddi mutton As the leading receiver with 143 passing yards, the defense performed well with three interceptions.

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