Damage Cars & Steal Truck: Rome Maxi Chase

Crazy morning, eh Rome. Shortly before 7 o’clock Friday 18 August A manobviously changed, sowed panic in GRA, exit height 15 La Rustica. Long blonde hair, bare chest, man started jump on cars lined up and stopped in the middle of traffic with boulder in hand damages windows cars. But that was only the beginning.

Twenty cars and a helicopter against a truck

The drivers panicked and waited for the police to arrive. To escape from the authorities, a man even has to stole a truck, turned onto the A24, headed for the ring road and entered the city. The police did a good job 20 cars and a helicopter to stop a running man. So, big chase an hour and a half on the streets of the capital.

Arrest in Piazza Pio XI

The townspeople, shocked by what they saw with their own eyes, resumed the pursuit with smartphones. During the escape, the fugitive’s truck rammed two police cars and a civilian, luckily no injury. In the end, the agents managed to stop the man in Piazza Pio XI., in the Aurelio area. Therefore, the main character of this story was arrested.

Highway chase: Runs away with 1kg of cocaine

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