Damiano dei Maneschin and his new girlfriend: the first joint photo on social networks

ROME – The first joint photo from social networks Damian of the Maneskins AND Martina Taglianti, the supposed new girlfriend of the Roman singer. The two have yet to formalize their love story, but the signs of a stable relationship are getting stronger day by day. Frame taken from stories Victoria DeAngelisa member of Maneskin who is a friend of Martina Talienti and commemorates the moment of the dinner where Damiano is seen next to his new alleged girlfriend.

Damiano dei Maneschin and a kiss with Martina Talienti

Damian of the Maneskins was engaged to Georgia Soleri, but there was a complete gap between them. In the past, there have been rumors of sympathy between frontman Maneskin and model Martina Talienti, who have known each other since school. The kiss made a noise in the disco.

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