Damiano dei Maneschin sends her a special invitation

Shakira: Damiano from Maneskin sends her a special invitation

Once again, Shakira struck another man in the heart, this time Maneskin leader Damiano. But what gesture made Georgia Soleri’s ex-boyfriend dream?

And here we are again with a new episode in life Shakira after the end of a relationship with an ex-partner Gerard Pique. Almost a year has passed since the media uproar caused by tabloid newspapers revealing that Pique had more than one affair. The Colombian singer’s sacrifice by moving to Barcelona to allow him to continue playing for the football team of which he was captain was in vain. Or having come to terms with the ubiquitous mother-in-law under the pretext of grandchildren Sasha AND Milan. Many in the last months before the quarantine often noticed Pique in private and nightclubs in the Catalan city, as well as a certain group of women before Clara Chia Marty. A girl younger than Shakira, whom the former football player hired to work for his Cosmos company.

From this point on, a tug-of-war began between the respective lawyers who sat down to conclude an extremely complex agreement between the movable and immovable property to be divided. Taking the lion’s share, it went to Shakira child custody during the year to leave them with their father during the holidays. Not only. She put an ocean between herself and the father of her children to start over. new life in Miamion the wave of success of his latest hit, Music session Bzrp No. 53.

A new life not only at work, receiving awards and climbing to the top of world rankings, but also in the role single mother. Since she didn’t even come to American soil, the singer has already found two suitors: a Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton and Hollywood star Tom Cruise. If the latter was kindly rejected, Hamilton now has the opportunity to hang out with Shakira longer, although sources close to her speak of a special friendship.

Shakira and Damiano from Maneskin make an obviously tempting offer

To close the picture of his courtship with Shakira, he also took steps. Damian belonging Maneskin. Last year, Shakira approached the group during a party after the presentation of the film on the channel Elvis Presley director Baz Luhrmann. In the photo with Damiano and Thomas, published then on Instagramthe singer made a proposal for cooperation:

I was glad to meet you at the After-party. Elvis: let’s make music together.

But Shakira’s request doesn’t seem to have come to fruition yet. To change his mind on this matter, or better yet, to demonstrate what he is capable of, based on his many years of experience, speaking at MTV Video Music Awards 2023. In the ten-minute show, Shakira talked about her music career, performing her biggest hits, dancing and even playing guitar to the tune Objection (Tango). Backstage, the same blond Damiano, impressed by the performance, said:

We would like to have second guitarist.

Together with our friends, we wait for the “anxiety and impatience” to make us dream together on stage.

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