Damien Chazelle, Venice 80 Jury President, Supports Writers’ and Actors’ Strike

Damien Chazelle, Venice, 80

With a T-shirt that communicates its message very clearly (reads: The Writers Guild went on strike), under the jacket, Damien Chazelle today took part in the press conference of the opening of Venice 80 as chairman of the jury of the competition.

At the conference, the Oscar-winning director confirmed his support for the strikes not only of writers but also of actors that have been going on for several days now in Hollywood, a situation that also affects the Festival, as many international guests could not, they will not be able to take part in kermes precisely because they cannot do it at the expense of a striking union.

“Today is the 121st day that Hollywood writers are on strike; 48th day of actors’ strike”, Chazelle began. “I think there’s a basic idea that every piece of art has value in and of itself, that it’s not just a piece of content – ​​to use Hollywood’s favorite word now – that can be placed in the workplace. And that idea, which is fundamental to art, and how art is made and how art can be sustainable for the people who create it, has blurred a bit in the last 10 years.”

“There are many questions about these strikes, but for me this is the central issue. Hence disputes arise, for example, about the remains and the like. It all comes down to the idea that people get paid for every piece of art they create, and we can find a way to keep and bring back that idea: art over substance. I think we are here to acknowledge that this struggle is ongoing and as a result many people who would otherwise like to be here during this festival cannot be here. Clearly, this is a difficult time in Hollywood right now, especially for writers, actors, and also for the working crew. The state of the world now affects everyone. So I wanted to find a way to acknowledge that while we’re here celebrating the art of cinema.”

The strikes have had a strong impact on the availability of talent that can participate in the festival, even bringing Applicants Luca Guadagnino, starring Zendaya, to retire as the opening film of the event. There will be no such loud stars as. Bradley Cooper (Master) Ed Emma Stone (Poor things). However, the festival may promote films that have already been released through traditional formats (not streamers), as well as independent films. It means that Adam Driver (Ferrari), cast of Priscilla Sofia Coppola and others will be able to walk the red carpet.

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