‘Damn, I’m watching you’: Dousing LeBron James beef, ‘brother’ Carmelo Anthony’s cinematic encounter revealed on camera

Despite their fierce rivalry on the court, basketball legends Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James Deep and lasting friendships were formed. Over the years, as their respective careers soared to new heights, their bond grew stronger through the challenges of the game.In a recent interview with actor and comedian Kevin Hart, Anthony reflected on his relationship with Los Angeles Lakers Superstars, providing insights into their first meaningful conversations.

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Kevin Hart invites his friend Anthony, one of the best players in the NBA, to join his show “Golden Mind” on Sirius XM. As Melo shared some insights into his career and life, Hart asked him an interesting question about James.

Carmelo Anthony finds LeBron James’ brother


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Melo can’t seem to resist delving into the interesting dynamics of their relationship. Much to the fans’ interest, Hart asked the 39-year-old basketball legend if there was any initial tension between them.

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When I probed further, Anthony recalled fondly: “It wasn’t, ‘Fuck you.’ It was more like, ‘Damn, I’m looking at you, I’ve seen you, I’ve heard of you’… And then we played against each other at Oak Hill during All-Star Weekend in Jersey, and I It was in Philadelphia.

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I’ve added, “We found it. I’m looking for a brother.…He is looking for such a person…We just come together, It’s like a movie. “We sat on the top of the steps for three hours and started talking shit.”

According to sources, their initial substantive conversations date back to 2002, and they formed a close friendship during their time at Oak Hill College. However, their first encounter actually took place at the 2001 U.S. Development Camp. They were both looking for a brother, and to the delight of fans, they found one in each other.

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Both were selected in the 2003 NBA Draft and were among the top players in their class. Carmelo Anthony was drafted third overall by the Denver Nuggets, while James joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first overall pick. Interestingly, their son now appears to be following in his father’s footsteps and joining the NBA.


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Carmelo Anthony’s son’s new rival could be Bryce James

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Bryce James and Kiyan Anthony both want to make the NBA and work hard to hone their skills. Fans are looking forward to it A future matchup between these two promising players. Last year, fans got a glimpse of the future. In 2022, Kiyan’s Christ The King faced off against Bryce’s Sierra Canyon.

While Bryce and his team managed to get the better of Kiyan, both players performed well. The game was star-studded, with socialite Kim Kardashian and her daughter cheering on the 16-year-olds.


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Do you believe these two young talents will go on to create a similar legacy in the league as their famous fathers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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