Dan Marino reveals how many yards he would throw for if he played in today’s NFL game

arrivea what tom brady Can be regarded as the best quarterback in NFL history, and many players at the same position in history believe that Dan Marino Overall, he’s a better player.

Currently, his name still holds many historical records; Brett Favre anyone Peyton Manning They beat many people in modern times. Dan Marino still holds many records, including the most games throwing for at least 400 yards, four in 1984.

same year, ocean He threw for 5,084 yards, a record at the time and making him the legend he is today. Maybe we’ll never see another year as productive as 1984. Dan Marino vs. the Miami Dolphins. But we all wonder what he can do in today’s game.

Back then, quarterbacks were being tackled far more often than they are now, and Marino still broke all of those records. When asked if he would fit in well with today’s players, Dan didn’t hesitate to remind people how great he was in his prime.

“The best part is I’m retired and I don’t have to prove it,” Dan Marino told ESPN’s Kevin Clark. Yeah, we’re going to throw for 6,000 yards. This will be fun. I hope that I can. You can’t hit the quarterback like you used to. You can’t get shot in the head and you can’t kneel down. I think that’s a good thing because when I was playing, you were allowed to do that. Players can shoot you. “

Who holds the NFL record for most passing yards in a season?

Even though Marino threw for so many yards during that magical year of 1984, there’s one player who currently holds the record, and it’s not him. In 2013, veteran Peyton Manning revealed his scandalous character 5,477 yards When he played for the Denver Broncos. It’s easy for Dan Marino to say he’s going to break that record in today’s NFL because he no longer has to prove it.

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