From Monday 18 September The dance team of the ASD dance school is ready to start the 17th academic year, as always under the artistic direction Frederic Red.

The secretariat is open from Tuesday, September 5, by appointment. (you can book a room by calling the association or by e-mail) to be able to provide all interested parties with information about dance courses, schedules and everything else that is needed.

The first major event of the season will take place on Saturday, September 9th. as part of the Open House Day, the guest star of the day will be Sabatino D’Estacchio international dancer, known to everyone from the Amici show, dancer Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Eliza

On this occasion, he will hold a modern dance stage on two levels, open not only to the students of the dance team, but also to outsiders in the school (information:

Classes will resume on Monday, September 18th. with the opportunity for everyone to try different courses free of charge by pre-booking.

Another initiative of the new academic year will be the restart of the project “Do you want to dance?” which, by popular demand, starts on Monday 18 September and provides a whole month of free classes for all new members of the association from 3 to 10 years old.

Courses include only Coreutic subjects, i.e.: first dance steps, propaedeutics, classical dance, modern and contemporary dance, the number of different classes will be limited.

Within a few years, it will be possible to take professional training courses through special advanced training courses, including those with individual lessons, as well as through the “Academy” section, specially created to prepare for competitions, auditions and “individual” training in relation to the needs of the “student” .

Dance group with 17 years of experience. he undertakes to educate his students seriously and professionally, with concrete and not mass work, working on the qualities of individual boys, always divided into small groups; Whether the goal is dance as a passion, leisure or a future professional goal, the courses are delivered with solid teaching based on learning and learning experience, using only teachers trained in the best Italian dance academies.

The asd dance team is located at Via Sassone 5, Vercelli. For information and reservations: 3470112147 or Facebook: DanceTeamAsd

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