Dangerous Cleaning Products | These Are the Products You Should Avoid, According to OCU

Household cleaning is one of the basic requirements for maintaining the home environment Your home is in good condition. To achieve this, most people use various products to remove dirt from the corners of the house. Nonetheless, it is advised not to use certain products as it may affect different surfaces.According to OCU, these are Cleaning products you should never use.

products to avoid

toilet cleaner

Toiletries are bad because they contain more acid.If there are children in the house, if they put the child in their mouth, it may cause contamination, causing them Mouth or body infection. As such, experts say it’s best to avoid these types of products and stick with traditional ones.

oven cleaner

To clean your oven, oven cleaners are always used, but the truth is that these cleaners tend to be quite corrosive.It is best to clean the oven after use and before it has cooled completely, avoiding fouling dirt And scorched that power, forcing people to resort to more aggressive cleaners.

chemical cleaner

Plungers are too aggressive for humans and the environment.If your pipes have become clogged, you will have to resort to mechanical systems such as Traditional manual plunger with suction cup or wire plunger) as they will not damage the drain.

Disinfectants and Antimicrobials

While they were essential when the coronavirus emerged, they are no longer necessary for cleaning, most importantly, disinfectant substances remaining in drains and sewage. They harm flora and fauna. Due to the consequences, it is recommended to use good quality household cleaning products and avoid such disinfectants.

air freshener

Air fresheners and aroma diffusers consist of potential substances and solvents Harmful to health Even cause asthma, bronchitis, migraine and other health effects.

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