Dangerous set, 10 accidents during filming are seen at the end of the film.

In some cases, the injuries of the actors in the films are real, and their reactions are immortalized and included in the final version.

The appeal of cinema often lies in its ability to transport the viewer into different worlds, where action and drama come to life as if they were real. However, what the public often fails to see the dangers that lurk behind the creation of some memorable scenes. Some scenes require acrobatic or dangerous acts that endanger the safety of the actors. And often actors get seriously injured during filming.

Perhaps the most famous injury preserved in the final cut of the film is Tom Cruise Broken Ankle. The actor was injured while filming a stunt for “Mission Impossible – Aftermath» 2018. Cruz is known for performing many of his action scenes without the help of a stuntman. However, in this case, things did not go so smoothly, and her suffering was real. At the same time, it suited the scene so well that the director decided to keep it.

DiCaprio, Mortensen, Burstyn: When the Scenery Gets Dangerous

Another notable case that was not removed from the final cut of the film is Leonardo DiCaprio V “Django Unchained” 2012. DiCaprio seemed too sympathetic to the role of the heartless slave owner: the actor was seriously injured while filming the glass of broken glass.

During a tense dinner with the main characters of the film, the character DiCaprio broke a glass, cutting his hand with fragments, but continues to speak despite the wound he just received. The incident was supposed to be fake, but it’s not. What is seen in the film is the real blood of the actor. Despite his injuries, DiCaprio continued filming the scene and gave viewers one of the most epic moments of the film and of his career.

The scene with the wounded hand of Leonardo DiCaprio has rightfully entered the history of cinema (Photo by Ansa) – Velvetcinema.it

Also Viggo Mortensen badly hurt himself on the set of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. reaction after you broken toe it was retained for the final scene, adding a touch of realism to her character’s suffering.

The Irony of Fate, Brad Pitt broke his Achilles tendon while filming one of their first action scenes in “Troy‘, a film about Greek heroes, 2004

And the list goes on. Jake Gyllenhaal V “Night Bum” he cut his hand, venting his anger at the mirror. Also John Russo V “Godfatherhe was seriously injured during the fight scene, which made the scene even more tense in the final film.

We complete the list with the only woman of this ill-fated rating, Ellen Burstyn V “Exorcist”. Trauma caused severe spinal injury actress, but her genuine pain reaction went into the film.

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