Dani Pedrosa had epic reaction when compared to Michael Jordan in Misano: “Hos***!”

Danny PedrosaHe was very close to the podium In Misano.in the game To the MotoGP sprint race, The legendary Catalan rider crossed the finish line fourth, only One tenth of Pecco Bagnaia. 38 years old, savoring the feeling of being on the podium.

This makes it aware that it goes and comes back and that it comes back and goes his retirement life, And it’s the best KTM on the track, and some people made very curious comparisons after testing it.

because they put him with Michael Jordan. and mythology. with legend.For many he is the best player of all time NBA.

Danny was almost speechless, which was normal: “Oh my God! Compare me to Jordan.” Very strong… But hey, thanks. “

“Now I value Rossi and Capirossi more”

“It would be a bit pretentious to answer that question. But now I stop and think about what it would have been like for Rossi to win when he was 37. Or what it would have been like for Capirossi to win when he was 38, when I was still very young. I didn’t pay enough attentionthey have the ability to win at that age,” he said.

Now he really knew what it was: “I’m so old and I’m running to the front again to fight, with young people.In this way, it becomes more complicated to reach the highest level at this age. When I was younger than you. really”.

Because Pedrosa saw himself on the podium: “I was riding a motorcycle, I thought I had it. But Peko defended well. I didn’t look that relaxed at that moment. “

“I don’t know if we can achieve that in the long term… but Let’s try it”Danny warned.

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