Daniel Bisogno is absent of “Window” for how to get Covid-19? VIDEO


The driver of The Tea in The Herald Radio, Daniel Bisogno left of the program Window after showing potential symptoms of coronavirus Covid-19.

In a video call, the journalist shows he said that during the early morning hours of this Tuesday, he started to present symptoms of the deadly disease that has emerged in China.

In addition, Daniel Bisogno he said that during the afternoon, ate Spanish food so that his doubts increased; it should be remembered that Spain is one of the countries hit hardest by the virus.

We ate Spanish food. In the evening I started to tremble with chills, pretend the symptoms of the COVID-19. And with a terror of those, I went with the doctor to see if it was that or nothe said.

Fortunately, Daniel Bisogno told that the test was negative so just tried an intestinal infection.

Fortunately it was a shellfish poisoning with intestinal infection, he said.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico


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