Daniel Melero, his new project, the friendship with Gustavo Cerati and how “Trátame suavely” was born

Daniel Melero is another of the figures of our rock. Singer, songwriter and producer, he started professionally in the early ’80s with The managers, a project marked by electronic music and techno-pop. A novelty for the time. Surrounded by machines and synthesizers, he was responsible for classics like “Treat me gently”, that soda Stereo he recorded on his debut album and became a classic.

On November 27, the musician will perform at the ND Theater, with the intention of reviewing some moments of his career and sharing unpublished material. “It is rather a springboard from which I plan to show live, not complete, two new albums that I’m making, accompanied by Rocío reissued on vinyl that I hardly played and others that were left out of the repertoire “, Melero described in a talk with The Viola.

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About the staging, the singer will have a group of colleagues who collaborated on their projects and a different staging. “I am playing the keyboard back together with the guitarist Guillermo Rodríguez who has been with me for years. We put together an apparatus between the electronic, the instrumental and the poetic ”.

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With forty years of history in music, Daniel Melero has a dilemma when designing the list of songs for a recital. “I let those who collaborate with me choose them. I face that question continually. He trusted the vision of the present that those who have surrounded me forever have. Then I manage it. All the time it is the anniversary of some of my works, not counting the ones I have been producing ”.

– Will the public be able to enjoy a classic?

There will be some songs from the repertoire but they were not selected at the time. A classic will also appear. It is a recital that is much more of a game with the past to use as a springboard. It is the presentation of two albums that are not yet on the street but will be the next as part of a collection called Qualia. I have very deep concerns with today but I prefer to be anchored in the future. The anchor is ahead of the ship.

– You are a benchmark of the avant-garde and your interest in technology applied to music. I remember some shows that you had a mouse as the protagonist

Yes, it seemed somewhat eccentric, with a computer network in the days of Techno. The variety of music that I faced is almost pornographic. I never considered myself cutting edge. I try to be contemporary and in others I am a victim of what I do. It was very interesting how some songs that seemed useless became something iconic. I take it as something of luck and not chance.

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– Many musicians passed through the managers. Be quiet, your first album with the group, you recorded it twice

If like 30 artists passed. They were actually two different albums that I didn’t release. He was a lot less flexible and understanding of the industry he was trying to get me into and I was not comfortable with. I had to find the operation and they were saved. It was good but difficult to think that way. It was like someone who had retired twice without performing live.

– In the lyrics of “Lines”, which was part of the album Be quiet, you wrote “There are songs that take something from you when they finish” and there is a lot of that

It amazes me to think that I wrote that when I was so young. That song is going to be on this show. He always accompanies me. Between friends, there is always a talk about a chord in the song that is quite special. Calamaro defined it as ‘the Melero chord’. I don’t know about music, they are just intuitive approximations and maybe that’s why I succeeded.

– On YouTube there is a video with a show by Los Encargados on “Happy Sunday” where you mention the presence of Andrés Calamaro on the console

– We have a close relationship even though we have not seen each other much in recent years. He was very generous to me. He took time, already being a famous artist, with the underworld. The beginning of the ’80s was a breeding ground.

The story behind “Treat me gently”, a song popularized by Soda Stereo

Someone has told me that loneliness hides behind your eyes. And that your blouse clogs feelings that you breathe”, Starts the song composed by Melero. He composed it in 1982, to include it in the first work of Los Encargados. As the material did not come out, the singer offered it to his friends from Soda Stereo, where he participated in the project and even thought about including him as the producer of the trio’s first album. Finally, Federico Moura took that place.

“I composed it during a Galtieri speech. It is crossed with those loves that one has. More of a conflict than a passion. It talks about the pendulum where love passes through the hatred and makes the stomach very bad, “he said about his creation.

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“In all those delays due to the release of the album, the version of Soda was first known, which for me is a compliment and something typical of the friendship of sharing things. I produced the first demo of them. Ulises Butrón had also been there, but not in that recording. I think I’m wrong if I say that I was’TV overdose‘. Memory is the most false thing I have, ”he added about those years.

Daniel Melero, on his way of composing

“At the beginning of the 80’s I had a tape recorder, a console and a microphone. I recorded the noise of my mother’s washing machine and the sounds of the street. Later I had a synthesizer that I still keep next to an acoustic guitar. When the Silencio album came out I had to sell many instruments, I had no money for the bus”He recalled about his way of working.

– What situations trigger you to create a song?

Many times it is a sound. Something that seemed repeated you find interesting patterns. There are also the songs that are minutes that occur at the time, such as the theme ‘I want to be among your things’ that both the lyrics and the music came out quickly.

– If you had the possibility to erase one of your discs, what would it be?

– For many years I was reactionary to my previous work, the last one I had recorded. Now I reconciled with the past. Those that I consider wrong were committed at the exact moment. Even with the records that I participated as a producer. I think the file is quite resistant. In a way that is somewhat alien to the show, which gave me very genuine friendships through the years, and not being alone surrounded by the great farce of rock and roll.

His experience in “Colores Santos” with Gustavo Cerati

As a result of that friendship between the two artists, in 1992 the album was known Holy Colors, a sample of the strong influence of electronic music of the time, which would also be a trigger for the album Dynamo of Soda.

Around the Universe” and “Today I am no longer me”Were the broadcast cuts accompanied by their corresponding videos. “It developed at the same stage. During my collaboration with the group. There were three or four very intense songs. Gustavo collaborated on my first solo work, ”Melero said about the production.

“On Camera, the second, we went to Los Angeles and I stayed in a house with Diego Tuñón while Gustavo arrived later and settled in a hotel. We went every day to the studio that we had closed to ourselves. We knew each other too much. We spent many hours mixing and recording on the console, ”he added.

He also highlighted a fact. “I always liked to record Gustavo playing bass, it was very good. He played it on my record Conga and in Holy Colors. We had started to see each other frequently and I am very happy that we were able to get together. Friends keep talking to you. I always talk about them in the present tense. I would need to record over the phone to hear our laughter. Gives me advice. I would like to think what he would say about my latest work ”.

Daniel Melero, his new project, the friendship with Gustavo Cerati and how “Trátame suavely” was born

Los Encargados, his presentation at BA Rock where the public threw 30 kilos of fruit at him

Throughout the four Saturdays of November 1982, the famous B. A Rock was held in the Works fields. The festival took place in the years 1970, 1971 and 1972, and it was only in November 1982 that its fourth edition was finalized.

Leon Gieco, Raul Porchetto, Spinetta Jade, Litto Nebbia, Pedro y Pablo, Riff, Cantilo & Punch, Tantor, Rubén Rada, Los Abuelos de la Nada, Zas, Alejandro Lerner, V8 and La Torre are some of the artists who passed through the stage. The participation of Los Encargados went down in history due to the public’s reaction.

Daniel Melero tackling one of his keyboards at the 1982 BARock (Photo: Gabriel Rocca - Daniel Melero's Instagram).
Daniel Melero tackling one of his keyboards at the 1982 BARock (Photo: Gabriel Rocca – Daniel Melero’s Instagram).

“Something interesting happened. A clash of worlds. We knew what was going to happen. The discharge of contempt for what we did was very strong, with ideas of derogatory sexual connotation. Beyond that, I experienced it as a joke and the best thing that could happen to us was that scandal in a sense. Nobody remembers who the revelation group was and although we are not in the movie or on the album, everyone remembers us ”, he remembered about that bumpy show.

“There is a photo that came to me where I am holding the synthesizer that I had hit with a fruit. It was very light and I caught it in midair. A broken key that took me months to fix. The presentation was much harder later at the La Falda Festival ”.

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