Daniel Montoya gets serious with health concerns: ‘I’m under a lot of pressure’

Comedian Daniel Montoya was, as it is often said, the doctor who came out of the doctor’s office with a full box and, through hesitation, realized he had a blood pressure problem and a host of other problems.

Members of the radio program “El madicomio de la risa” from Omega Estéreo said that at the booth a few days ago they began to hesitate to take their blood pressure to see how everyone was doing and they also checked their own. Glucose, but the latter went well.

However, the pressure did change quite a bit, with all his teammates advising him better keep an eye on him as the clock ticked.

“The next day I took my blood pressure again and it was higher and my co-worker told me: ‘mae, get it under control because that’s not right’, that night, I don’t know if it was scared, I coughed a lot and I started Coughing a lot, like choking, this is very rare, thanks to my insurance, I went to a private hospital for checkups, then I went to the doctor in Tres Ríos and they have confirmed that I have everything, “He said.

Montoya was discharged with high blood pressure, and they told him he was prediabetic, had kidney stones, was obese, and nearly got bronchitis from a poorly treated cold.

Now he must take a series of drugs for three months, eat a balanced diet and exercise, and see if the next medical examination goes well.

“I was under a lot of stress and scared because my business had gone wrong and they closed the restaurant (which he owns in Tres Rios) for something that had nothing to do with us, and I said: ” It is impossible for something like this to happen to me again, “At the time, it was a burden for me, but now, thank God, I am better and we are about to open El Parientico again,” he said.

The famous “Guan Nerg” also mentioned that when they gave him everything, especially when he learned that other radio colleagues died of similar health problems, his wig fell apart.

“Fortunately, we saw in time what we were doing, but of course, I did feel scared, more of what happened, so we had to be fully present and pay attention,” he added.

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