Danish Anecdotes, Scheinbaum and Public Health (Issue 7) 2023/09/09

Let us focus for a moment on the qualities of this woman Claudia Sheinbaum.

What are they like as a public official?when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He was the head of the government of Mexico City who abandoned the ecological mission for which he was appointed and did the opposite, he devoted himself to filling the city with iron and cement, building second floors and entrusting them to a corporate merchant.Very close to the boss claudia. The budget is kept in a drawer forever so that it is still there.

As a representative of Tralpin (today she will be mayor), she not only allowed the construction of a third floor at the Rébsamen school (which took the lives of 27 students and 3 teachers when it collapsed), but she did not even Take any action. Responsible for the maintenance of the Cuauhtémoc gardens.The garden is located on Cuitláhuac Street, just 200 meters from the house Lopez Obrador. The park is an abandoned garbage dump. Maybe to avoid showing off and minimal cleanliness?

But let’s discuss a core issue. One of the many issues she must deal with as head of government in Mexico City is health. He expressed no objection to his employer’s decision to destroy day care centers that provided food and shelter for at least 400,000 children. He also made no mention of the cancellation of school breakfasts, only visiting the Banamex temporary hospital, the cost and construction of which was the result of an effort by doctors led by 90 companies and independent doctors. Rafael Valdez and Hector Herrera Bello. Her notorious lack of leadership in the capital’s hospitals and clinics has been replaced by empty words and promises during the pandemic.

How did you protect women during the long and painful saga of femicide? What help did he provide to beggars and fire-eaters? When did you interact with health agencies? How do you realize the unrestricted right to health for residents of the capital?

She knew she was a favorite of her boss and had been listed as a candidate to succeed him, so she said last June 15 – somewhat belatedly – that she would invest 8 billion pesos to buy equipment for the country’s 265 health centers. It’s called IMSS. -Wellness, (divide the money to 265 centers and what they have to pay is not even the cost of the x-ray machine) Of course he was accompanied by the director Zoe Robledo and the Minister of Health, Jorge Alcocer.

The flamboyant act occurred at the National Medical Center’s Congressional Unit, while leaks were reported in corridors, operating rooms and patient beds across 17 IMSS facilities.

Treatments for childhood cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, influenza, and pneumonia are scarce, appointments and treatments are slow, budgets are insufficient, and there is no remedial action.

As the important position of the head of the capital government, what did the lady do? Sheinbaum Supporting Mexico’s weak and fragmented health system? What qualities led her to invent the baton, which was nothing more than the designation of “the supreme”, that made her the presidential candidate of Morena?

A surrender that has nothing to do with anyone’s own decisions, a freedom that absolutely lacks anything akin to the freedom to be oneself.

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