Danna Paola baila Bad Reputation in Tik Tok and celebrated 1 year your song


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To add to the videos with which it has crazed to the social networks in social networks during their quarantine, Danna Paola decided to share with his fans a choreography dancing “Bad Reputation“recorded with TikTok to celebrate the first birthday of his song, and to have reached 20 million followers on Instagram.

And is that Danna has become customary to durant his confinement to delight their fans dancing the rhythm of reggaeton in TikTok. However, this Saturday, used the platform to choreograph their own song, that marks one year of its release.

20 million and “Bad Reputation” 1 year birthday (20 million and the birthday number one of “Ill Fame”) #dancechallenge Let’s do it! Thank you all for supporting this madness that generated my #MalaFama. So many love invented and other successful, now better we danced the song,” wrote Dana on Instagram, where she also shared the video.

In the clip, you can see the actress dancing attired in a short white combined with a sweater of the same hue, dancing, with production and all, as they note that it helped a fan to make his hair fly backwards, who also made mention in his publication “best dance song (with breeze and all), he said.

Danna Paola reaches 2 million followers on TikTok in your quarantine

When Danna Paola ended up to promote the third season of Elite in Spain, was detained at his home following the recommendations of the authorities to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This means that you have a lot of free time, which has been used for, among other activities, feed of content your account TikTok, that this isolation has already reached the two million followers.

And is that every day, the actress catches a social network with sensual choreography that then share in Instagram, where his followers praise his talent in dancing. Day by day, Danna sweeps up with another new sequence of steps of reggaeton.

In addition to this, also a singer touches his followers on the social network to play back scenes from films, like Lilo & Stich or other viral videos where it seems that goes back to being a baby.


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