Danna Paola during the quarantine coronavirus: between your anxiety and your addiction to TikTok


The quarantine by coronavirus COVID-19, Danna Paola has been very varied. Since he confined in his house has made several activities, but in the last few days has shown special interest towards the forays into TikTok, in his desire to overcome anxiety that the isolation has caused in your body.

Since a few days the protagonist of Elite it has been shown, flirty and sensual developing choreographies for the social network of fashion, the TikTok, in which quickly racked up more than 2,000,000 followers.

But not only delights their fans with their impact movements, also lets see your side more tender with funny videos that you experience with voices for children’s films.

So that Danna Paola has managed to hog the spotlight with fun stuff you can exploit their best steps and in the reminiscent of great classics of Disney.

But not everything has been fun for the famous mexican and is that some days ago he confessed that his confinement starts to cause anxiety, to such an extent that they ate all the nails of the right hand.

“By analyzing my last post yesterday, this from TikTok, made me a lot of grace that many of you commented that it had a nail and that we were in the same situation,” said the actress, referring to photographs published on Instagram and the video of TikTok, where it appears without the nails.

“You really did me a lot of grace, because of truth, last night I ate all the nails of the right hand by the anxiety of all of this, because of truth, I can no more, and I don’t know how to do nails,” said the 24-year old man.

But despite all the drawbacks, the days have become fun for Danna Paola, who seeks on a daily basis the way to surprise their followers with new activities.

#MeQuedoEnCasa I already made puzzles, darts and crackers, paper mache, ballet, and something of chess, pottery, ventriloquia and candles… to stretch, to draw, to climb, and sewing. – Rapunzel had good ideas pa this quarantine. While I threw pal sun”, wrote the famous to the side of a photograph that blew sensuality and was left to see to the natural.

In the picture boasted a stock that has enjoyed since it began its quarantine: sunbathing in tiny bikinis and on this occasion it was white one with details floweryalthough he did not forget to protect yourself from the sun king with a huge hat and some dark glasses, items, that were filled with style your look spring-like.

The coronavirus behind Danna Paola

The growing threat of infection of the coronavirus COVID-19 led to several changes in the agenda of the also actress, as the suspension of their concerts and cancellation of the promotion of Elite in Mexico.

“Based on the information generated by the World Health Organization in the last few days on the COVID-19 and having as a priority the health of the public, team work and of the general population, it has been decided to postpone until further notice the concert for the “infamous Tour” of Danna Paola scheduled in different cities of Mexico, as well as the scheduled visit to other countries of America and Europe in the coming weeks,” reads a statement released by the famous mexican.

The promotion of the series of Netflix in Mexico also had drawbacks. We had planned a red carpet and coexistence between the followers of the series and Danna Paola, Esther Expósito, Alvaro Rico, Itzan Escamilla, Claudia Salas and Jorge Lopez.

Although until now no member of the cast has a positive result with the COVID-19, the promotion team of the successful project decided to suspend various gatherings are scheduled between the actors and their followers to avoid contamination.

“Yes, I could get out of Spain, it was complicated and just as I was afraid of getting on the plane, but I’m fine. That of which I have retained in Spain is a lie, I’m good. Thanks to heaven, everything has been good,” said Danna Paola in their stories of Instagram.

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