Danna Paola presumed leggings style Yanet Garcia


The actress Danna Paola they often share snapshots to consent to their followers and each photo public tends to cause a sensation among his followers, but it was recently compared with Yanet Garcia.

According to Group Formula, Danna Paola it is one of the celebrities of the moment, because its musical themes and his interpretation of “Lu” in the series “Elite” have brought him fame and world recognition.

The 24-year old man spends his quarantine at home and constantly share photos of themselves on social networks, in particular in his personal account of Instagram.

It is there where Danna Paola has reached more than 21 million followers, so that besides being an artist can be told to consider all of an influencer.

Now the intérpete of “Sodium” captivated his fans, as he shared a photo very sexy in a tight leggings style Yanet Garcia.

The image was then compared by some netizens that it is usually taken Yanet Garciathe mexican is known for being the lush “Girl of the Climate” that he worked on the morning show Today.

“I get bored a little bit,” was the message with which Danna Paola he shared a photo that only a day published with more than 3 million 750 thousand likes and hundreds of positive comments.

(Azucena Uribe)