Danna Paola takes off her clothes and turns on Instagram with a sensual bikini

The star already has more than 1 million likes on her fiery post

Danna Paola is one of the most loved celebrities in the middle of the show in recent years. Her fans have grown up with her since she rose to fame for children’s soap operas such as “María Belén”, “Amy La Niña de la Mochila Azul” and “Dare to Dream”.

In recent years, Danna has shown that she is an established and versatile artist leading the Broadway musical “Wicked” in its adaptation for Mexico, in music with multiple hits, as well as acting in the Netflix series “Elite.”

Within social networks, Danna is also a star sharing images to inspire her millions of fans. She recently paralyzed social networks, showing himself to be seen with a bikini and therefore with few clothes.

“If you were music, I would dance and sing to you for life,” published the famous.


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