Danna Paola will give a concert virtual bikini house since his


Danna Paola will give a concert virtual bikini since your house | Instagram

The singer and actress with Mexican Danna Paola gave all of his followers on Instagram crazy concert virtual the house with a bikini, let you enjoy your nice size.

Through their official account Instagramthe singer has a live broadcast where he interpreted some of his songs, such as “bathroom ” Fame” and “Subtitles”, but also hits have been heard recently.

This concert has to be managed more 56 thousand visitorsCountries such as Mexico, Brazil and Peru were present at the live transmission.

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More all to inspire her followers with her beautiful voice, Danna Paola showed us beautiful curves in the show bikini from the terrace of his house.

During the concert, Danna also spoke about his future benefits, so that she is planning to take the round Latin America.

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The actress together sung the musician and influencer Saak, as well as the singer and composer bolivar Lasso.

One of his subjects asked the most has always been “Candy world“And the surprise, I also sing, although I am not very convinced.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the next Monday 23 Marchis a concert by the page Stradivarius in 13.30 in the afternoon Time from the center of Mexico.

Yesterday, Danna Paola left his 19 million followers, without a voice and without a voice, after having shared a photography where is he Swimsuit where he showed his spectacular silhouette.

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The image with a single day of publication and more 2 million likes and comments from his disciples.

Click here to see Danna in a bikini.

I have been making pottery puzzles, Darts, and biscuits made of papier-mache, ballet, chess and the ventriloquist and candles … and stretching, drawing, rock climbing and sewing. – Rapunzel had some good ideas, to move them into quarantine, “ he writes in his ticket.

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The interpreters of sodium was sun from his home in the insulation, in which thousands of members of the corona virus epidemic the world were submitted.