Dante Sica’s consulting firm will help former GM CEO buy companies in the country

Quell Latam Partners (QLP), the bottom of private equity that the Argentine directs Carlos Zarlenga, former CEO of GM in South America, partnered with the economic consulting firm Abeceb, from the last Minister of Production of the Administration Macri, Dante Sica. The objective of the union, says the statement, is “identify possible investment opportunities in Argentina“.

“From this alliance, the business and economy consultancy Abeceb identify companies in the automotive industry that are going through a transformation process challenging, based on his extensive knowledge of the entire ecosystem of the sector, the disruption factors, the business environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the company “, they explained.

QLP is the affiliate in the Quell region, a firm that founded Barry engle, former president of GM International, in San Francisco. In September of last year, Quell raised u $ s 380 million at Nasdaq through an acquisition purpose partnership (SPAC, for its acronym in English). Then I gathered other u $ s 450 million and, this year, I closed a merger of US $ 3 billion with Lilium, a German aircraft manufacturer that developed electric aircraft.

In early October, Zarlenga – an Argentine who spent practically his entire 20-year executive career abroad, between General Electric and GM – announced the formation of QLP, whose president is also Engle, his former boss at the US automaker. Zarlenga, who resigned from GM’s pilot seat in the region in September, is a co-founder and general partner from the office, located in San Pablo. Your co-pilot in this rally it is Francisco Valim, Brazilian executive who He was CEO of Via Varejo, Net Servicos, Oi, Nextel and Experian, companies in which he leads the processes of IPOs, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, both in his country and abroad.

In the region, QLP seeks to acquire and build companies with values ​​of $ 500 million to $ 3 billion. Its initial focus is the value chain of the automotive industry, a network of 700 companies in the region, understands Zarlenga, in need of capital to reduce the technological race in which the parent companies of the major global vehicle manufacturers are accelerating.

Dante Sica, founding partner of Abeceb

“We believe that there are several opportunities to invest in Argentina, given the current evolution of the automotive industry. Many companies, both subsidiaries of multinationals and local actors, are looking for partnerships to turn their operations around, increase investment and locate more (inputs)“, declared Zarlenga, who, During his tenure at GM Mercosur – then South America – he was at the wheel of a US $ 8 billion a year operation in nine countries. In addition, it obtained investments of more than US $ 2 billion in new products.

The association with Abeceb can be key to creating value“he added.

The Argentine consulting firm has more than 25 years of experience and a team of 70 experts, with whom they cover more than 30 sectors of the economy. Notwithstanding which, in the market, it is historically recognized as one of the most related to the automotive industry.

“Mobility in Argentina is going through great challenges. Disruption at a global level that changes the business model and revolutionizes the production process, a consumer who changed his preferences due to the pandemic and a complex local economy, which generates new competencies and opportunities “, observed Sica. “Our alliance with Quell Latam to be a bridge for companies that face these challenges on their way to development“he added.

It is not the first time that Abeceb ventures down such a path. In 2017, it announced a similar alliance with TMT, a strategic business consultancy that I founded in Brazil Franco Ciranni, former CEO of Fiat Auto Argentina, and to which it was then added Roberto Cigliarelli, who was the commercial director of the Italian automaker’s subsidiary. But, Unlike the agreement with Quell, that association was to detect companies in difficulty and put them in shape to sell them or receive capital injections from new partners.

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