Dante Spinotti turns 80, let’s follow the career of a director of photography through five streaming films.

Two-time Oscar nominee Spinotti was Michael Mann’s favorite collaborator. Here are the movies in streaming mode. the best of an amazing career.

The giant of Italian and international photography, that is, today marks 80 years. Dante Spinotti. Through his outstanding collaboration with Michael Mann, he has become one of the most respected and sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood, touching down an Oscar twice (only Vittorio Storaro among Italians has received more mentions). So here are five streaming movies whom we want to pay tribute to one of the local artists we most admire; unfortunately they are not available for streaming on our platforms Manhunter – Murder Fragments (1986) Michael Mann wonder boys (2000) by Curtis Hanson, masterpieces we’d love to see again. Other than that, as always, happy reading.

Five great movies to stream from cinematographer Dante Spinotti

  • Ready to die
  • star man
  • Heat is a challenge
  • Los Angeles Confidential
  • Enemy of the state

Die Quick (1995)

wild western Sam Raimi adorned with an elegant and dense photograph of Spinotti, making it a film with a Shakespearean backdrop. Ready to die they are led by a strong-willed woman Sharon Stonebut when to support Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio and above all a miracle Gene Hackman, it’s the supporting actors who remain impressed. Huge tribute Sergio Leone but with a precise and personal soul behind the amazing packaging. To be re-evaluated, one of the best games of the 90s in this genre. Available at KILOGRAMS, Google games, Amazon Prime Video.

Starman (1995)

A fascinating and luxurious parable from the history of Sicily. Giuseppe Tornatore offers Spinotti the opportunity to develop a cinematic universe that is both dreamlike and at times violent. star man cm Sergio Castellitto the charismatic and mellifluous protagonist of a truly excellent film at times, able to tell the dreams and despair of a land kissed by the passion for life. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, a tense and in many ways vibrant spectacle. Available at Infinity+Amazon Prime Video.

Heat (1995)

Cooperation with Michael Mann which everyone remembers, although perhaps not the best on a purely aesthetic level. Heat is a challenge based on the physical and psychological duel between Robert DeNiro in the samurai version and Al Pacino Mephistopheles, bold. Great action scenes and other scenes of powerful psychological introspection for an absolutely cult film, desperate and elegant in its nocturnal existence. Anthological ending. We look forward to the announced sequel. Available on Google Play, NetflixAmazon Prime Videos, Disney+.

LA Confidential (1997)

Adaptation of two novels by James Ellroy. Brian Helgeland and director Curtis Hanson gives Spinotti his first Oscar nomination. Los Angeles Confidential it turns out to be very dense and sick noir, just like the pages of its author. Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, James Cromwell This Kim Basinger The Oscar (as well as the script) dominates a beautiful film, gripping, unashamed when it comes to rotten digging. Iconic title of the decade. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+.

Public Enemy (2009)

Spinotti is once again collaborating with Mann on an all-digital film, and while it doesn’t do well in displaying realism in the sets and costumes, it still has too many great scenes to not love. Enemy of the state takes shape around Johnny Depp at its best in terms of charisma, next to which we find Christian Bale crazy, Marion Cotillard, Lily Taylor, Jason Clark and many other great characters. A powerful film, aesthetically baroque, morbid in its anthological finale. Mann is one of the best, perhaps less consistent than usual, but certainly inspired and upbeat. To be loved even with all its flaws. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

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