Dark chocolate hair: the stars

The chocolate brown fondant, one of most loved colors of the moment, a full, very intense and eye-catching color, also much appreciated by celebs, who never miss an opportunity to show it in loose or magnetic collected hair, between red carpets and numerous other public outings. All about recreating the perfect ones brown hair in dark chocolate versionwhich are the international stars to take inspiration from once comfortably seated in front of a hairdresser’s mirror.

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What is meant by dark chocolate hair

For a brunette who regularly loves letting herself go with the news on her hair, changing her look and style, there are a thousand others who just can’t separate themselves from their ever-present brunetteinstead choosing it in ever more magnetic and intense colours.

The brown in dark chocolate version in fact, it embodies the most beautiful shades of brown, without renouncing the mocha reflectionsbut not even to less intense streaks which, especially under the sunlight, appear golden or coppery.

Differently, compared to other rather dark hair colors, it has on its side the fact that it never falls into the banal and into the error of a hair dye which, in the long run, especially due to its natural color discharge, would end up become dull and dull. THE chocolate hair fondant in fact, they remain very bright for a long time and are capable of shining both in smooth hairstyles and combined with soft beach waves, to enhance their nuances.

To whom do they give the chocolate hair fondant? The truth is that it is a full color that looks good on everyone, enhancing hazel eyes and more olive complexions as much as the beauty of light and very clear eyes and their respective skin phototypes. However, as the color scheme teaches well, the dark chocolate tint it can be declined in different shades and undertones, to thus embellish the different features of the face. Lighter and olive complexions (Summer, Winter) are well suited to a dark chocolate with cold reflections. The more golden ones (Autumn) should instead prefer it warm and coppery.

According to the color palettes widely used in the field of hair styling, the right base from which to start to obtain beautiful hair chocolate hair fondantis number five, corresponding to light brownto be blended with the intensity of the Mocha reflectionsi.e. deep brown, belonging instead to shade number eight.

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Stars who have chosen dark chocolate for their hair

THE chocolate hair fondant? They could only be among the best hair color trends for winter 2023, a season that they light up thanks to their energetic shades. There are numerous celeb who, once they fell into the net of dark chocolate hair, have never been able to separate themselves from it. Here they are star to take inspiration from for their own hair intense brunettes.

  • Emily Ratajkowski: the American supermodel is among the stars who have chosen the dark chocolate hair as a distinctive feature of one’s look, although often declining it in different shades, lighter or more intense, to thus embrace the various seasonal rhythms. Perfect next to his now legendary long cut, Ratajkowski she demonstrated how dark chocolate is the ideal color to enhance her new and jaunty Bob, with mini fringe.
  • Matilda DeAngelis: another star, this time Italian, who has succumbed to the nuances of super intense chocolate brown. The very young actress Matilda DeAngelis who, for a few weeks now, has been showing it off with deep reflections, in a long cut with mini punk fringe.
  • Megan Fox: has long been a staunch supporter of dark chocolate hairwho loves to wear very dark, for a perfect contrast with her blue eyes.
  • Between Kardashian and Jenner: as previously mentioned the dark chocolate brown it is perfect for enhancing arm-chromatically darker and more intense faces. The proof of how true this is comes directly from Kardashian-Jenner sisters who have made this hair tint their hallmark.
  • PenĂ©lope Cruz: There is the dark chocolate brownwith golden caramel reflectionsin the heart (and on the head) of the very elegant Spanish actress, whose pale complexion and intense hazel eyes are enhanced.

    List them all? It is really impossible since the great stars who love chocolate hair and their most intense reflections, they are indeed many. In the list of the aforementioned hair looks, from which to take inspiration once you get to your trusted hairdresser, we could certainly also add the pop-rock mood that the chocolate hair fondant are able to give to the singer Dua Lipaor the Latin energy of the hair of Camila Cabello, which has only recently decided to revitalize, in its tips, with a light shatush with a lighter undertone. However, they are great lovers of dark chocolate hair, declined in all their refined beauty, too Megan Marklewell-known faces in the world of cinema and fashion such as Lucy Hale, Mila Kunis and the Italians Victoria Ceretti And Clare Biasi.

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