Dark mode: the Review of the Design and health


Winnetnews.com – WhatsApp officially, the function of the dark mode on 4. March 2020, as well as some other applications, such as Instagram and Twitter. This feature is so popular because it is durable as not to dazzle the eye with a dark background and the battery is also relatively more.

In 2019, the peak of the popularity of the dark modes, especially when the Apple on the iOS 13 have incorporated this feature, and then followed by Android-F. application-an other popular application such as Google Mail, Slack, Soundcloud, a mobile version of Microsoft Office and Google Chrome is also a feature of dark mode in your applications.

In Mac OS, Apple is a feature of dark is actually the mode, in part to the years 2018 to 2019, published a feature with a full dark”.

Refers to the page in dark mode list, which gives in particular a list of the most popular apps, which is the feature of dark mode, currently, there are 92 applications that offer this feature. The Wall Street Journal call the entire application, the function of the dark mode, but then immediately in the criticism, since the application of the Wall Street Journal itself has no dark mode.

On Android, Google has officially confirmed that the use of dark-assist mode, the battery longevity. And when Apple released the dark mode on Mac OS, the focus called for the end of last year, with an offer, promotion, ease the eye and make the work more.

By Design

Dr. Sally Augustin, the psychologist is eco-design, as reported by Observeraccording to him, the brightness and color in the design can cause certain emotions, so it is disabled, the user will not feel such emotions.

“There are a lot of studies that said a connection to the color, saturation, brightness and hue with the reaction of certain cognitive”, Augustin. “Colors such as red and blue have an impact emotionally, because the level of saturation and brightness.”

“This is certainly a restriction on the card, the font and text on the screen as the most important element in the app-theme-dark mode, which can be used to communicate the emotions you want to be highlighted to the user,” says Augustin.

In addition, not too many colors in the app dark mode, in fact the black color, because the focus can trigger in the design of on-screen claustrophobia. Augustin explained that the color, as well as the color of the walls, dark colors tend to make the room appear smaller.

In the design, the dark mode has a positive side. Augustin believes that a bright color and a magnitude of possibility for someone to terdistraksi, as well as the marketing strategy of the Apple to dark mode on Mac OS creates.

For The Health

Although loved by many people, a number of studies have also suggested that the function of the dark mode has its own health risks. Adam Engst quoted from tidbits explains the screen with the background of the dark mode can disturb the productivity of the user.

Engst, even the campaign to criticize performed a variety of popular applications in the context of the dark mode is a stupid thing. According to him, some of the people that say dark useful in facilitating the vision, that is all right

Based on some research, Engst believes that the black text on a white background better than white text on a black background. According to him, the appearance of the dark-bright or positive polarity in a mode of the light (light-mode) is a better performance, especially in the focus of the eye, recognize the letters, copy the letters, the text to understand and quickly read.

Other research even suggests the use of the appearance of the positive polarity result in very little fatigue of the eyes. Although many people think that dark mode, the prevent, Engst can-rate will not help reduce the fatigue of the eyes after some time of staring at a screen all day.

Quoted from Phone Arenathe research and scientific survey of the other conclusion that the human brain is more likely to appear in favor of the dark image, on the top of the sky background. The reason lies in the evolution of mankind as a species homo sapiens are ordinary busy day.

The research also found that the human brain works better when exposed to positive polarity or light mode. negative or dark mode.