Dark Nightmare (2022) K. H. Rasmussen



Mona moves with her boyfriend Robbie to a large apartment located in an old house after the young man finds his dream job. Soon after, she becomes pregnant, but the pregnancy is accompanied by disturbing nightmares; they are exacerbated by the sudden death of a newborn neighbor.


Dark Nightmare original poster



Original name: Mareritte
Director: Kiersti Helen Rasmussen
Country/year: Norway / 2022
Duration: 100′
Type: Horror, Thriller
Throw: Dennis Storhoy, Catherine Swiggum, Cedric Begen, Cedric Luceau, Ailey Harbo, Gauthe Börresen, Gine Teresa Gronner, Hermann Tömmeraas, Peter Vörde, Preben Hodneland, Siri Black Ndiaye
Screenplay: Kiersti Helen Rasmussen
Photo: Oskar Dalsbakken
Assembly: Sjor Aartun, Brinjar Lien Aung
Music: Martin Smaug
Director: John Einar Hagen, Magnus Thomassen, Einar Loftesnes, Christoffer Sindre Witterso
Production house: Handmade films in Norwegian forests, Nordisk Film Production AS
Distribution: BiM distribution

Release date: 07/27/2023


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