Dark Souls 3: Transform the game into an exercise routine using a Ring Fit


Dark Souls 3 he is four years ago, just a few weeks, and as expected, fans are already asking to launch a sequel.

Although this title is by itself complicated, the fans always manage to give you a little boost of extra distress, almost always by challenges such as to complete it without receiving damage.

Interestingly, a follower of Dark Souls 3 he went further, and instead of completing the game as any other person, decided to adapt the Ring Fit of Nintendo to transform your experience into an intense session of exercise.

The user Super Louis 64-Controller-Bender account with a unique YouTube channel, but they usually adapt controls strange to control other games, even if they have not been designed for this purpose.

In his latest video he decided to give an unexpected twist to the Ring Fit of Nintendoadapting it as a controller to play Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 is brutal as exercise

As you might imagine, the experience was not easy, because we see its movement limited in the game, had to do some exercise in order to face the enemies.

If you look with attention, you’ll notice that the character moves when Super Louis trota, and that the attacks are executed by pressing the Ring Fit.

According to the creator of the video, play Dark Souls 3 this way turned out to be an excellent exercise, and we understand that, since actions such as move, dodge and even heal itself involve a strong leg work.

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Due to the isolation, this would not be a bad way of doing something of physical activity, although we’re not sure if we would like to finish the game in a single session.

If you had in your hands a control of this style will You dare to spend all Dark Souls 3?

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