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Dark Souls III PC Game Download Full Version

The Dark Souls series returns with great impetus to computer screens, with the world premiere date of March 24, 2016 and the premiere in Poland on April 12, 2016. The Demon’s Souls game from 2009 is considered to be the first part of the franchise, but the series itself started in 2011, when the first part of Dark Souls was created . Now the series has its third installment, so if you want to play it, get Dark Souls III download . From Software studio is responsible for creating the gamethey were created years ago, in 1986 to be precise, and have already had several productions, including the Armored Core series. However, it was only the series of dark RPG Action that brought the studio to the heights and moved it to first-class video game producers. From the very beginning, the project was supervised by Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, who is the father of Demon’s Souls, the first part of Souls and Bloodborne. Miyazaki made various comments about the game, once saying it was the end of the series, other times calling it a turning point. It is possible that some elements of the game can be found in future productions of the creators of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls III PC Game Download Full Version

The third part of the Action RPG maintained in a dark fantasy atmosphere maintains the standards of the first two parts and introduces new locations where we will fight new enemies using new weapons, armor and items. As befits a decent action RPG, we have direct control over our hero and the fight takes place in real time. In the game, we fight in a dark, fantastic world, in which every corner, shade or nook can be in danger. We travel through this world knocking down new enemies and extremely demanding bosses, getting to know the story in which the production is set in the process. In order to get to know the full storyline, the player has to talk to the characters he meets, reading the descriptions of the items, there are also cutscenes, the total length of which lasts about an hour. Check, maybe you will like the refreshed version of Dark Souls: Remastered?

At the beginning, we choose one of the twelve character classes, but this choice does not have much impact on the gameplay – during the game we develop the character as we see fit. Then we travel through locations and fight with demanding opponents and bosses, of which there are a dozen. The game also features over 45 adversaries, unseen in the previous installments. The game is difficult, perhaps the most difficult game in the series, but also the most rewarding. Our enemies hit hard and often by surprise, so we must do our best to defeat them. If you want to try your hand and prove yourself – get Dark Souls III download. The combat system is quite similar to the one we know from previous Souls games. The exception are new fighting techniques – “weapon arts”. Thanks to them, each weapon can perform new types of attacks, usually by pressing the parry button. Thanks to this, less popular weapons will become more attractive. We need mana for these attacks, which is a kind of novelty in From Software games, mana has not appeared since the days of Demon’s Souls. In the three, when it comes to combat, we will find the best of the two previous parts and Bloodborne.

During the game, we develop our hero, we can similarly develop our equipment, thanks to which we increase his attack and defense power. In the game, we also find a variety of items, about 200, with different properties such as healing, weapons, etc. A great advantage of the game is the graphics, in this respect, the third part of Dark Souls significantly exceeds the previous versions. The developers have refined many details of the location and opponents.

Dark Souls III PC Game Download Full Version

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