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Daughter of humble Angelina Jolie in old shorts and worn top

Angelina Jolie He has dedicated a large part of his film career to working for human rights. Hand in hand with the UN and UNESCO, the winning actress Oscar He has gone around the world helping the neediest populations, transmitting this same mentality to his children.

Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox They have been raised in a relaxed environment, completely removed from the luxury and decadence of Hollywood, with their mother and father Brad Pitt, making sure they are aware of their privileges.

Angelina Jolie
She has traveled the world with her children, they have even accompanied her on the red carpets.

This has made the boys very humble and simple, being demonstrated in recent years in which they have been photographed on a regular basis accompanying their mother on different outings to eat or on recording sets.

Angelina Jolie’s daughter surprises with old shorts and a simple worn shirt

The boys have been captured by the paparazzi and the cameras of their followers in the streets, having fun with their friends and walking with their parents, always wearing simple but very trendy outfits of the moment.

A public favorite is Vivienne, the youngest of the girls and who has remained tied to a specific look: shorts and baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts, making it clear that she likes to stay comfortable but without losing style.

In the most recent photo that was taken of the teenager, of 12 years old, appears accompanied by Angelina Jolie after buying some vegetables, wearing her characteristic black shorts and a white sweatshirt in contrast to the all black baggy dress worn by the actress.

Vivienne carries a bouquet of flowers in her hand, sure to decorate the home she shares with her siblings, in addition to both wearing their respective masks following the advice of the health authorities.

In another photo, again next to her mother, the teenager showed so far her simplest and most humble look. Vivienne was seen with a old and worn shorts, combined with a white shirt that shows a yellow print with the image of a centaur.

In what seems to be a repeated image, Angelina Jolie again appears next to her wearing a baggy black dress, this time with sheets and in her hand she carries a bag with her daughter’s pet.

The other children of the actress are a reference in terms of current fashion.

Zahara, Shiloh and Pax they may very well be the most sought-after youth of the moment. The three boys have been caught on several occasions walking around Los Angeles and attracting attention with their striking costumes.

Just a couple of days ago PaxThe 17-year-old went to a sports car store where he was looking to buy a new one for when he came of age. The boy stood out with a plaid shirt and wide pants.

Zahara, for its part, is one of the most striking with its style. A few weeks ago, she walked with her mother wearing black culottes combined with a dark top and a leather jacket adorned with metal zippers.

Usually he has also been seen next to his sister ShilohPerhaps the most famous daughter of the couple and the one who most attracts the attention of the general public. Recently, both were caught boarding a plane.

Shiloh wore ripped denim shorts and leaned on crutches after apparently having a minor accident.

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