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Among the vast panorama of promising young Italians, a figure stands out, embodying the legacy of a truly timeless icon. We are talking about Virgin Cassela name that is destined to resonate ever louder in the film industry and beyond. Virgo was born on September 12, 2004 and has a family history full of charm and talent.whose roots are in art and culture. Actually the first daughter is the daughter Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. His imminent appearance on the big screen represents a significant breakthrough.This is a new and exciting chapter in its history and the legacy it brings with it.

Who is Deva Cassel?

Virgo Kassel, 175 centimeters tall, endowed with a beauty surprisingly reminiscent of the beauty of her mother, the unforgettable Monica Bellucci., a young woman destined to shine with her own light. His genetics are as interesting as his personality. Daughter of an actress and Vincent Cassel, Deva has already demonstrated that she has the uniqueness and charisma that characterizes icons.. Its name is reminiscent of the Hindu goddess of the moon, and the suggestion fits perfectly with its magnetic presence.

From a very young age Virgo came into contact with the world of fashion, an environment in which she was able to prove herself from the very first steps. Just think, even before the birth, the girl had already appeared for the first time in a photo shoot in which her mother was the main character, with her stomach in plain sight. Vanity Fair. It was only the beginning of the path that led her to walk the Dolce & Gabbana runway and conquer the covers of the most prestigious international magazines.

Cinematic Twist: “Beautiful Summer”

Evolution Devas in the world of fashion, it was only the prologue to a multifaceted and promising career. Now it’s time for a new stage: cinema. Virgo is about to make her film debut “Beautiful summer” director Laura Luchettiadaptation of the novel of the same name Caesar Pavese. This breakthrough marks a turning point in Deva’s life, taking her from the camera lens to the dynamic allure of celluloid. The film is set in Turin in 1938 and tells the story of Ginia. Yile Yara Vianelloa girl who has just moved to the city from the countryside along with her protector brother Severino to embrace a future that seems to offer endless possibilities.

In the film, Deva plays the role of Amelia, a young model who moves between the artistic and bohemian circles of Turin in the 1930s. This character defies expectations and embodies a sophisticated and powerful femininity. The work of Pavese, transferred by the director to a modern and relevant version. Laura Luchetti explores the themes of identity and self-exploration, a path that is similar to that of Deva in her new cinematic adventure.

Powerful and authentic Italian spirit

Virgin Cassel, With Italian and French roots, she is a true representative of a fascinating cultural heritage. Growing up speaking Italian and French, she expanded her language skills to include English, demonstrating a deep connection to her origins and a willingness to embrace different cultures. This linguistic wealth is a reflection of international identity, a real bridge between different worlds. “When they tell me that we are similar, I only take it as a compliment: my mother is a smart, talented and very good woman,” says Deva. These words reflect his maturity and respect for the legacy he carries with him, demonstrating an awareness that goes beyond appearances. Deva Cassel is about to make her mark on the entertainment industry, both in the fashion and film worlds. Her authenticity, magnetic presence and talent make her a figure to look out for. Her transition from fashion to film represents a significant step that could lead to further discoveries and surprises.

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