David Coverdale (White Snakes) ‘still has issues with sinuses’ keeping him from reuniting with Glenn Hughes on anniversary of Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’

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he February 15, 1974 It was a date in rock history marked by flames as it saw the birth of an album ‘burn’, Deep Purple’s eighth release, but this is the historic first step to their third, where the path david coverdale and glen hughestheir reunion celebrating the album’s anniversary appears to be complicated by the leader’s health condition white snakeThat “He’s still having problems with his sinusitis.”

Those words are from Glenn Hughes himself, whose tour celebrating half a century of life on Burn has arrived to our country in may.Legendary singer and bassist stationed in Taiwan to participate 107.1 Boss Giving us a vision of a possible reunion, the idea has been around since early July opportunity is about to end Coverdale was able to be seen on stage with Hughes again: “We’ve talked about it, but the window of opportunity has closed a lot because David hasn’t…his sinus issues are still there. I just want to wish him the best.”

Glenn knew White Snake had announced their latest tour: “I want him to go on. I think he’s on his last tour now, but I still don’t think he’s ready to go out again. I talk to him a lot. I can’t say more. I just wish David and all I have The Deep Purple guys are the best, the best. I love David so much. He’s one of my best friends.”

Deep Purple’s brilliant Mk III offers us the opportunity to enjoy work shaped by the aforementioned David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, who replaced Ian Gillan and Roger Glover respectively, and Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, who remained steadfast in his own behind. Patch by Ian Pace.

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