David Faitelson leave out Cristiano Ronaldo from his ‘Top 5’ historic


In this time of quarantine, several journalists have released their ‘Top’ historic football, of course, some have generated controversy by leaving out several players who did great things in their careers.

The last of them was David Faitelson, who makes a time chose their best five players in all of history, placing Pele as the best, followed by Lionel Messi and Maradonain fourth place came to Cruyff and the fifth since argentine Alfredo Di Stefano.

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What comments of his followers did not wait, as it criticized the decision of leaving out Cristiano Ronaldo, who is for many the best player in history for his achievements both collective and individual.

What is certain is that never we’re not going to agree. The taste is broken in genres. The football has gone through different periods of time, leaving a legacy each one of them