David Guetta “attacked” by a shark: the shocking video!


After his concert at the Louvre for the New Year, David Guetta decided to leave for the sun, and the sea. A journey not without risk …

Stopped for several months now following the arrival of the Covid-19, David Guetta still never stays far from his turntables and his music. During confinement, the French DJ had also organized a concert in Miami to provide financial assistance to hospitals. For the New Year, he also wanted to perform at the Louvre for his fans. But it is clear that the latter is not overloaded with work, so, to take advantage of this forced rest, David Guetta takes the opportunity to travel a little and have a good time.

Currently under the sun and the heat in good company, the DJ takes the opportunity to indulge in swimming… and the risks that this entails. Indeed, the latter recently found himself facing a shark when he wanted to swim a few fathoms. It was on his Instagram account that Internet users were able to discover this mishap since on January 11, David Guetta posted on his account a video in which he took the plunge, before being warned of the presence of a shark not far from him.

Aware of the presence of this shark only a few meters from him, David Guetta did not panic or rush back to the pontoon. Very sure of himself, the ex of Cathy Guetta continued to swim, while explaining to his fans that there was no reason to be afraid. But as the video films the animal getting closer and closer, the one that has won the award for best DJ many times finally decides to return to dry land. A wise decision since from afar, no one could know if the shark in question was harmless or not. Even if, at first glance, and with its small size, the animal did not really seem to be that of the Teeth of the Sea.

Indeed, by posting this video, David Guetta chose the tone of humor more than that of terror. But… this little experience will have all the same once again allowed the artist to show his body sculpted to perfection.


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