David Guetta buys Don Francisco’s house for sale in Miami

Don Francisco leaves and David Guetta enters. The famous French DJ and music producer eventually secured the land where the popular Chilean entertainer’s home on Miami’s Indian Creek Island is located, dubbed the “billionaire’s bunker” because of its property value.

2021, Mario Kreuzberg property for sale Building area 672 square meterssix bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a private beach, was purchased for $23.8 million by a group of real estate developers who tore it down and built a new mansion that Guta, who already owns a property in Miami, purchased in early August. A house where he works as a music producer and DJ.

Coulthard is now paid $69 millionIndian Creek, in Miami-Dade County, is an “off the market” number, with the area’s highest value to date being Amazon owner and founder Jeff Bezos’ bid for a building on the island $68 million was invested in the mansion and it even has its own private police force.

Coulthard will become Donald Trump’s daughter’s neighbor ivanka trump and her husband, Jared Kushner. Other “faces” of the “billionaire bunker” are former American football players who recently retired tom bradybillionaire investor and activist Carl Icahn, Spanish singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias and co-founder of Getaroom, Bob Diener.

Don Francisco declined to comment on the deal pulse Because he was recording, he bought the house in 1993 for $2.63 million and expanded it year by year. The 4.7-hectare property was built in 1987 when Indian River began to become a haven for artists and millionaires, thanks to the security provided by a private island guarded by a private marine patrol.

In 2020, Kreutzberger sold the property in $20 million Less than a year later, he set his offer at $23.8 million, about $4 million more than his original request, according to professional portal The Real Deal.

The new house has a contemporary style and lots of glass, and has 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, green areas, terraces, swimming pool, spa area, gym and a nearly 36-meter-wide private beach facing the sea, just north of Miami Beach.

Guetta already owns a home in Miami’s Art Deco neighborhood, which he paid $9.5 million for in 2018, The Real Deal reported.

The globally exposed and easily accessible Miami metropolitan area in southern Florida has been an attractive destination for investors from around the world, especially Latin America, due to its favorable climate, beaches and low taxes.

Chileans have emerged as one of the new buyers in the region, seeking to dollarize or diversify assets in response to the uncertainty that began in 2019.

Real estate prices in the U.S. city continue to rise, attracting more and more homebuyers who highlight the capital gains and lower risk. “Florida is one of the most favorable states for this type of business, as there is no state tax and tax savings of up to 20% can be achieved through financial credit leverage of up to 70%,” event organizers said. “Miami Investment Forum 2023: Miami and Orlando Real Estate Investment Forum” will be held in San Diego during the first week of October. They claim that by 2022, Chileans will be the ones purchasing the highest value homes.

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