David Harbor dreams of a film about the rivalry between Captain America and the Red Guard

Coming out in three weeks “Black Widow” will make the screen debut of the Red Guard – a super-soldier who is the Soviet answer to Captain America (Chris Evans). The movie comics are now actively promoted, and during a recent press conference, David Harbor, who embodied the character, shared with Deadline his thoughts on a potential crossover between his character and Steve Rogers:

What’s really funny about Alexei [Shostakov] is the twenty-five-year gap that is unknown in the film. We see him in Ohio and behind bars. And even before the prison there was a time when he donned the Red Guard. During this period, all these stories from his life occurred. They sound very controversial, so there are doubts about their reliability, but I think that the classic Cold War theme shows a wonderful dynamic between these two guys: like nuclear warheads in the arms race, they both arose for similar reasons.

Be that as it may, the meeting of the characters on the screen looks extremely unlikely, since Captain America went under the ice during the Second World War, and the Red Guard had been operating long before the leader of the Avengers was defrosted.

The Black Widow will premiere on July 8th.


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