David Harbor foreshadows the grand scope of Stranger Things season 5

Actor David Harbor reveals that the fifth season of Stranger Things will be bigger than previous seasons, promising bigger sets and new challenges for the characters. The show’s ending won’t sacrifice its core elements for a large-scale show, but will instead focus on bringing the story to a close and ensuring that the character arcs are completed satisfactorily. With higher risks and characters affected by the events of Season 4, there are concerns about the fate of the beloved cast.

Actor David Harbor talks about the unprecedented scope of Stranger Things season 5. Harbor plays Jim Hopper, a Hawkins cop who is looking for a missing boy. Soon he will have to fight the horrors from an alternative dimension, Soviet agents and escape from a Russian prison. The fifth season of Stranger Things will end the hit Netflix show, but it’s currently unclear when it will be released due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strike.

While Stranger Things season five is on hold, Harbor spoke on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike) about the current state of the final chapter. The actor not only said that he received the script along with other actors, but also praised the work of the writers and creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers, describing the fifth season as unprecedented scale. Here is Harbor’s full answer:

“The scripts were sent to us before the strike. They are fantastic as usual. These brilliant writers, who call themselves the Duffer Brothers, continue to create something extraordinary. This is a huge challenge. The sets and things we’ve seen in the scripts are bigger than anything we’ve done in the past.”

With Stranger Things season 4 wrapping up with world-changing consequences, Season 5 is already shaping up to be some of the most potentially catastrophic situations the show has ever seen. Despite the best efforts of Hopper and the rest of the main characters, Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) attempts to make a huge hole in the Upside Down in the center of Hawkins took its toll on the city, which was hit by a massive earthquake and split apart. Although the two worlds were saved from uniting thanks to the intervention of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who saved Max’s (Sadie Sink) life, Hawkins finds himself on the brink of chaos.

Despite this, the Duffer Brothers have released several statements saying that the show’s ending will not sacrifice its core elements for the grand spectacle and provide a climax that will bring the Stranger Things story back on track. Season 5 of Stranger Things will focus on Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who revisits the character whose disappearance set off the initial events, and gives him more space after playing a supporting role in later seasons. So season 5 can satisfactorily wrap up both Will’s overall arc and the story that closes every thread of narrative that’s been established since the show’s inception.

After Stranger Things Season 4 ended on a bittersweet note for the main cast, there are high hopes for how Season 5 can wrap up the whole story. However, with the higher stakes and characters affected by the events of Season 4, there are concerns about the fate of the beloved cast.

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