David Harbor is also willing to work with James Gunn’s DCU for 10 years.

David Harbor
David Harbor at the Cannes Film Festival – Photo by Luigi De Pompei © Cinefilos.it

see you soon David Harbor at the cinema Gran Turismoan adaptation of the legendary PlayStation game in which a young gamer embarks on a journey in earnest to earn a title, but his next projects also include commando creaturesDC series set to be the first animated series in the new DCU timeline under James Gunn.

In the animated series, the team commando creatures will work under Amanda Waller Viola Daviscoordinator Suicide Squadwhich also appeared in its spin-off peacekeepers and that he would have his own Max series. Eric Frankenstein. In the context commando creaturesFrankenstein is not a famous literary character created Mary Shelley, but a revived and artificially augmented soldier. He is the boss commando creatures and serves as a heroic figure. James Gunn he hinted that, in his idea, the actors who voice the animated characters would be the same as those who play them, to ensure consistency throughout. This will mean that if the show is successful, Harbor’s talents will be in high demand.

Harbor is no stranger to the comic/superhero genre. He played Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian, a Russian super soldier, Steve Rogers’ counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who appears in Black Widow as the adoptive father of Natasha Romanova Scarlett Johansson. He will play this role along with colleagues from Black Widow Florence Pugh, Julia Louis-Dreyfus AND Olga Kurilenko V Thunderboltsensemble film from Marvel, which will be released next year.

To talk to Steve Weintraub Collider before hitting SAG-AFTRA, Harbor – best known for his role as Hopper in very strange thingsand recently seen in a Christmas comedy, Cruel and silent night – he said thatHis experience with Marvel has allowed him to approach the project with an open eye, admitting that he spoke freely with Gunn about the prospect of being tied to the same role for an extended period of time, which is a contractual obligation that – for some actors – it’s almost like a kind of confinement, preventing them from spreading their creative wings and being locked into projects they don’t find enthusiastic about in the process, which becomes apparent to the public when the finished product is released. After he said he didn’t know the character Eric Frankenstein explained:

“I started to explore and this character is so rich and fun and layered that it was exciting. Again, it feels like this is a new world where you are no longer locked in. I feel like Marvel has learned that lesson. If you don’t want to do that, I don’t think you’ll be allowed to make 20 films. But I think that’s what I love to do and it’s a joy to work with someone so creative, even for a long time. So if they want me to play this character for eight to ten years, I will do it without problems, always trying to have some leeway.”

What is Commando Creatures about?

Animated series commando creatures is one of the projects developed James Gunn AND Peter Safran as part of their unified DCU storyline. The seven-episode show will focus on an unusual team of DC characters often referred to as monsters. So it’s right Commando Creatures is one of the central parts of the arc “Gods and Monsters” new DCU, the first chapter of a two-part story that will be told over the next decade.

The film’s voice cast will see Sean Gunn in the role weaselto which they will join Frank Grillo in the role Rick Flag Sr., Maria Bakalova like a princess Ilana Rostovich, Indira Varma in the role bride, Zoe Chao in the role Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk How Doctor Phosphorus, David Harbor How Eric Frankenstein, Sean Gunn How GI RobotWith Steve Agee who reprises the role John Economos.

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