David Hockney has created a portrait of Harry Styles to be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

David Hockney draws Harry Styles in front of a portrait of Clive Davis, Normandy Studios, June 1, 2022.  PHOTO: JEAN-PIER GONSALVES DE LIMA
David Hockney as Harry Styles. Photo by Jean-Pierre Gonçalves De Lima
Possibly the greatest living English artist meets one of the world’s most famous and internationally recognized pop stars. Crossover episode between David Hockney AND Harry Styleswhich began in the artist’s studio and will end in National Portrait Gallery From London.

It’s not that David Hockney, an artist who lived in the second half of the twentieth century and is now known as one of the greatest living artists, is in a hurry or wants to exhibit, but an exhibition planned at the National Portrait Gallery in London is definitely keeping us waiting. In 2020, sudden closure after just 20 days due to Covid-19; then a long wait due to the restoration of the museum, which reopened last month after three years of work. Now, it looks like the time has finally come: on November 2, it will open. David Hockney: drawing from life.

During this period of time, Hockney, of course, did not stand waiting with his arms crossed, but continued to move his hand. Thus, to the original core of works intended for the exhibition, new ones have now been added, including a portrait of the famous singer Harry Styles.

At a meeting in May 2022 – two days at Hockney’s studio in Normandy was enough to complete the painting – the two artists arrived with very different mutual expectations. If Hockney admitted that he did not know the singer before they met (he later restored the videos of his performances), then Harry Styles was a big fan of the artist. In 2020, the musician even wore Hockney’s hand-painted corduroy trousers for a photo shoot that featured him on the cover of Vogue.

Either way, Hockey captured the former One Direction member seated in a wicker chair, wearing a red and yellow striped cardigan, blue jeans, a white tank top, rings, and a pearl necklace around his neck.

In addition to this portrait, David Hockney: drawing from life it consists of a large selection of paintings by the artist over the last 60 years. In particular, the portraits of five characters immortalized in various techniques and styles stand out: his mother, Celia Birtwell, Gregory Evans, Maurice Payne and the artist himself.

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