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David Kim: “We want to remove the ‘boring clicks’ needed to play RTS”

Just yesterday there was news that David Kim has opened his own development studio and is making a new ambitious RTS, and today this wonderful person gave an interview to Wowhead, in which he spoke a little more about the new project. Here there are explanations about the AWP and about how important this parameter will be in the game, and a little more information about the company’s employees, and even a little about the balance.

About Uncapped Games

The main values ​​of the new company: work for the good of the game, honesty, and openness, the priority of reason over the ego. And also – the experience and skill of RTS development gained over many years and love for this genre.

David also says that thanks to a crystal clear vision of what exactly they want to do, and working together with the community, Uncapped Games will make “the most action-packed RTS with the lowest entry threshold, which, at the same time, will be impossible to master” (impossible to master) …

Who is on the staff

  • David Kim – worked on all three parts of Starcraft 2, and was also responsible for the balance in this game for a long time. Later he was the lead designer for Diablo IV.
  • Jason Hughes – Developed Diablo III and Diablo IV.
  • Zhongshan Zhang – Has featured in various roles with Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Foundation 9.
  • Evan Chen – worked on Command & Conquer and StarCraft 2 and is a big fan of the RTS genre.
  • Mike Skacal is also a big fan of RTS, even taking part in tournaments a long time ago. He worked on StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.
  • Also, David Kim announced that the first artist with 23,000 Starcraft 2 games will be joining the team soon.

About working with the community

David Kim says that he would like to establish the same process as in his time in Starcraft 2, when updates from developers were released every week. But this time, interaction with the community will begin even earlier.

The programmers are already working hard to create a working build of the game. Therefore, for now, the main emphasis is on making something that can be played – and then put it in the hands of the players and, based on their feedback, bring the game to mind.

About the importance of micro control in RTS and strategy from Uncapped Games

According to David, micro and high AWPs are cool when it comes to esports, where players can show off like this, make others admire it, learn from them. Uncapped Games wants to retain this element while making the game easier to enter than any PC game. In particular, there is an intention to give players the opportunity to play the way they want – in the sense that it will be possible to assemble an army that will require a lot of AWPs, and it will be possible to assemble an army that will work well with a low AWP. More specifics on this issue will come later.

About the simplicity of the game

Uncapped Games believes that you don’t need to simplify the game to make it easier to play. The goal of these guys is to remove the “boring clicks” that are required to play traditional RTS, but they also don’t want to remove the clicks that make the game interesting and that allow you to level up the game over time.

For example, developers ask questions such as “what tedious and unnecessary elements are now in RTS just because they’ve always been there?”

About balance

David was asked if the game would be balanced with cards, and he replied that not only with cards. “We want to create a long-term gameplay loop. So that even if players use the same units, the inputs to the strategies and their results (‘ins and outs’) will change noticeably over time, and it would be fun and interesting.” … Here Uncapped Games has an elaborate plan for what to do and how to do it.

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