Day “D” in the struggle of the coronavirus in Mexico: a public health emergency, and extension of suspension of non-essential activities


The administration of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has strengthened measures for prevention and mitigation of the COVID-19 in the last 72 hours. First was the deputy minister of health and the most visible face of the health authorities since the arrival of the condition to national territory, Hugo López-Gatell, who urged in his speech on Saturday to the citizens to stay at home.

It is the last opportunity that we have. We say directly to the society: stay at home. It is the only way to reduce the transmission of this virus” implored Lopez-Gatell to the population. And is that the official confirmed that the country had entered the accelerated phase of the infection.

This Monday, was the Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard who read the declaration of a public health emergency, a national of a force majeuredecision taken by the general health council, which sits permanently in the last few days and that leads López Obrador, with technical assistance from various federal agencies.

The decision to extend the National Day of Healthy Distance until the 29th of April, 10 days more than what is advertised in a first moment, has to do with the entry into the Phase 3 of the epidemic, which will start around April 19. With the emergency declared is called all sectors in the country, mainly to private companies, to stop the greater part of its activities.

This it also includes all the schools in the country, that were stopped since the 19th of last march and will, along with the rest of the country, until the 29th of Aprilin accordance with Esteban Moctezuma, secretary of Public Education.

One of the first in joining the call was the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro. “This day we made a call to national unity. Today we support the possibility of a state of public health emergency, to national, just a few minutes ago, it was declared by the chancellor of Mexico”, indicated in their social networks.

“In Jalisco we’re ready to help our country, to unite efforts and close ranks for the good of all. Stay at home, that is the response to this epidemic, which has put in check the whole world. Leave the street to our medical staff, security and civil protection is the key to move forward,” he added.

The mexican capital was published a decree for temporary suspension of activities in the government offices. In the document it is established that priority areas such as Health, Safety and all that have to do with the protection of the citizenship must keep their work like the location Phone LOCATEL, C5, works and services, system of waters, integral management of risks, the prison system, and the municipalities in regard to the water supply.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Rojas, recalled before the declaration of public health emergency, “the Chamber of Deputies continues to work”. “We’re meeting with at least three of the main roles of the Legislative branch,” he said.

“First, in oversight of the Executive, through the governing bodies of the Chamber; also we will be in case of required legislation for action on the budget; and in the representation, so that citizens are in the best possible conditions,” he said.

In the private sector, the Employer Confederation of the Mexican republic (Coparmex) since I had asked earlier this Monday, the government a declaration of sanitary contingency, because without it, employers and employees are faced with the legal uncertainty from the economic impact that it has had the Covid 19 in the country.

In that sense, the secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, stressed that before the phase of rapid rise, it has to take to mitigate the impact, before the reported new measures that highlights part of the plan that the mexican government started from the first week of January.

At the request of Coparmex, the health authorities they asked to be parallel to the collaboration of all sectors, including the private, for compliance with the new measures. Meanwhile, the head of the Secretariat of Health (SSa) noted that if nothing was done, the epidemic would be mitigated, and not the contingency dates would have to be postponed along with the economic advancement before the stop of activities.

However, before the recent adjustment approved by the Board of Health which will be published in the Official Journal of the Federation, different sectors begin to react in relation to job uncertainty as to the stoppage of activities.

The foregoing, in the middle of a context in which, despite the measures taken by the private initiative in the face of the pandemic, the rating agencies have decreased the expectations of growth of the economy in Mexico. With the recent declaration, it gives rise to that within the legal framework we ask employees to stop going to work without falling in breach of their contracts.

In contrast, different sectors of the industry begin to resent the effects of the coronavirus in the country, by which I lto Confederation of Chambers of Industry of the united Mexican States (CONCAMIN) in recent days put forward his disagreement with the lack of support they feel for the part of the Executive in the midst of the crisis, the face of those who have declared to be allies and not enemies. Insist in the national and foreign private investment to exit the step.

In relation to the Coordinating Business Council (CCE), it, like the Coparmexasked a couple of weeks clarifications to the authorities for implementation of preventive measures, of the that considered it necessary to clarify the scope of the provision, in order to determine which private sector companies must be prepared to give continuity to their operations.

After the call to social solidarity on the part of the SSa, under the endorsement of the Board of Health, new account lit red foci in economic matters, in addition to the contraction that could suffer the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a problem in which, at the time of the daily report for the health sector, the mexican head of state was not present.

“How eloquent that during the Declaration of a public Health Emergency the President ande hidden away in some quarter of the Palace (National), “said the political scientist of the CIDE (Centre of Research and Teaching in economics), Leonardo Nunez.

Criticism also fell on secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who was present at the reading of the declaration, but did not take the word in no time. Was the Chancellor Ebrard, who gave reading the document, and who answered the questions of the reporters.

The health authorities pointed out that, after the contingency, the return to activities will be phased and the measures that have been stipulated must be followed in strict respect and adherence to human rights. Will be the Secretariat of Labor and Health, among others, that will determine the return to work as usual.

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