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Day Lyn May said Jennifer Lopez and Madonna copied her: VIDEO

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Lyn May, the popular Mexican vedette is usually involved in controversies, this due to her unique way of dressing and the stories she tells from the past about her experiences other celebrities; for this reason, today we remember the day that the actress he claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Madonna copied his locker room.

The actress took that opportunity to send a message to american artists and ask them to seek to be more original and stop copying her.

And, according to Lyn May, both she and Jennifer Lopez share a designer, who is the famous Mitzy, and the vedette claimed that he made the same clothes for her and Jennifer Lopez.

“Even Madonna has copied me. Jennifer Lopez has all my mayonnaise that Mitzy has made for me, because Mitzy also makes Jennifer Lopez’s clothes, and then she crates it and wants another one like mine,” she said.

In addition, Lyn May also said that Madonna had copied her wig style, and took the opportunity to send a message to “all” the artists who copied her clothes.

“And now Madonna… I pulled out this wig and now she took it out… Everything is copied to me. That he thinks and makes an original costume, that he is not copying,” he said.

What do you think about Lyn May’s controversial delarations, because if anything is true, it’s that the vedette has a great style for the time of her performances.


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